15 Ideas for floating shelves in the living room 2023


Are you looking for a clever way to organize and showcase all treasuries on a floating bookshelf? Look no further. In this article, we bring to you 15 ideas for floating shelves in the living room. We will walk with you step by step to make sure we bring ideas that make your living room look great and beautiful.

We have a list of floating shelf ideas that not only have a sleek appearance but are also simple to install and matches your home design. Let’s get started.

1. Create a Gallery Wall

To create a beautiful and personalized gallery wall in your living room, you need to have the following. You need to choose the right floating shelf that is sturdier to make sure it supports the weight. Second, you need to come out with the layout of the arrangement. For instance, visualize how you want your layout to look before placing any items. 

Third, you need to consider the items you want to showcase, consider the shapes, and the height. Such items that you can create a cool galley wall include artwork, photographs, sculptures, and other decorative items. When you have visualized how you want your galley wall to look and also know what type of items to display, it is now arranging them to look beautiful on your wall. You can try to arrange them from the smallest to the largest or vice versa. Just play with the arrangement until you feel you are satisfied and happy with the look of your galley wall

Finally, create a  visual gallery wall in your living room by being creative by mixing artwork, family photos, or other decorative objects.

2.Striking colorful floating shelves: 

Choose the color scheme that you feel will complement the color of the items in the living room or the wall. You can choose one or two colors that you are sure will bring a bold hue and also complement well with your items. For instance, if your wall or room has neutral colors like white grey or cream you can try to play with gold or silver to create an exciting and striking look.

3. Create a beautiful industrial chic display

Create an industrial chic look by combining different colors,  materials, and decor items to create a visually appealing shelf. For instance, if your bookshelf is metal or wood with cool and warm tones, mix your decor items that have colors such as black brown, copper, and silver shades of grey. This combination of color palettes will bring a charm to your shelf and overall complement well with the decor items.  The idea here when creating a beautiful industrial chic display on the floating shelf is to choose the right raw material, for the shelf such as wood or metal, and keep the color palette neutral to bring an industrial style to your home.

4. Keep it simple:

To create a simple and streamlined look choose a minimalist color for your floating bookshelf in your living room. This simple color you could choose includes white, black, and natural. However, there are other colors that are not simple but could well with your decor. So here is to choose a color that will easily complement well with your decor items.

Now, keep it simple as you can when arranging your items and accessories. For instance, when arranging books on the floating shelf you can try to place them by color or genre to create a cohesive look. The idea here is to avoid the shelf looking disorganized or cluttered. Additionally add items such as plants, and candles and make sure to stick to certain patterns such as a color palette to streamline and look more visually attractive.

5. Fix the shelve in a corner

A corner space is valuable to a place where you can add a storage system without taking up any floor space. Install a set of corner shelves in your living room and decorate all your treasuries there. In the living room for instance you can create a beautiful and personalized display. You can add this charm to your corner by organizing plants to make the space feel more natural and inviting. Also, you can display all your artwork, candles, books, and other decorative items that add style and character to your living room.

6. Add floating shelve in built-in shelves:

To maximize space in your living room and add a charming look to your wall, install a floating shelf into your built shelves. This is a great way to add extra storage to your room. To install a floating shelf in your built-in bookcase for dynamic storage purposes make sure to have the following. Make sure to have you choose the right material for your floating shelf. Second, install the brackets and make sure to install them securely. Third, when organizing smaller items try to stack them in a container so that you can maximize space. 

7. Install backlit shelves(Glowing effect)

Add some drama and visual interest to your room by installing backlit floating shelves. Backlit shelves are an excellent way you can add a warm and inviting glow to your living room when you combine the backlit shelves with LED strip lights. Additionally to highlight the inviting glow to your decor items such as vases, books sculptures or other decorative items make sure you pass install the LED light along the edges of the shelve.

Furthermore, to create a specific mood in your living room there is a variety of LED strips you can choose from. Including cool white, warm white, and RGB(red, green, blue). You can choose any color that will match your decor or bring a style to your shelf.

8. Create a set of eclectic floating shelves:

Create floating shelves that reflect your style and personality. This type is unique look is achieved by combining a variety of styles, colors, and materials. To create eclectic floating shelves start by choosing the theme color. For instance, you can choose from white, black, or any color that reflects your personality. Next, select the types of decor items you want to display on the shelves, such as vases, picture frames, plants, books, and others. Now mix and match your favorite items in different styles and colors to create a visually appealing display in your living room.

9. Corner fireplace shelves

Does your living room have a corner fireplace? If it has,  consider installing corner fireplace floating shelves on either side or a place where you can access your items easily. Installing corner shelves in your fireplace will add a cozy and inviting atmosphere while providing additional display space for your items. 

When you are choosing the type of corner fireplace shelf keep in mind the following points. First, consider the style and the size of your fireplace as well as the design aesthetic of your living room. To make sure the fireplace complements well with the design of your living room choose the shelf color and material that contrast and complement well with decor items. 

To create a unique look to your display and an inviting atmosphere add items such as books, photos, plants, and decorative objects. You can also add lighting to the shelf to highlight the decor items to create a warm and eye-catching look in your living room. Check the best corner shelf here that will perfectly fit your space.

10. Create stylish floating bar shelves

Create a customized bar shelf to meet your needs and add your taste to your living room. Bar floating shelves are ideal for an empty wall in your living room to hold items such as glasses, bar accessories, and bottles.  You can also add other decor items such as candles, artwork, or plants to the bar shelf to create a relaxed atmosphere in your living room.

When you are choosing the best stylish bar shelves that complement well with the decor of your living room consider the materials of the shelf, colors, and style. Choose the one that will match your existing furniture and the accents of your living room.

11. Ladder-style floating shelves 

If you have a small living space and you want to add some personality to your living room, then install a ladder-style floating shelve. The ladder-style floating shelves look like ladders and are excellent to display your favorite decor items. They do not take your valuable floor space and decorate items such as picture frames, vases, collectibles, and other decor items.  

12. Faux built-in shelves

Create the look of a built-in bookcase by installing floating shelves and adding decorative molding around them. This is an excellent way to add a touch of style and sophistication to your living room without committing to a full-scale renovation. Once you have installed the shelves, you can choose a variety of molding to create a custom-built bookcase. The molding styles and finishes you can choose include crown molding, baseboard molding, picture rail molding, and many others

One benefit you will get from such a design is that faux built-in shelves are flexible. You can easily adjust their height and configuration to suit your taste or needs. 

13. Art display shelves

Create a rotation selection of artwork in your living room to make it more visually stunning and updated. This is a great way to showcase all your favorite artwork and also to keep your living room visually appealing and updated on a regular basis. Additionally, with experimentation and little creativity, you can create a unique art display that showcases all your favorite pieces and also add personality to your home.

14. Floating Plant Shelves

Install floating plant shelves in your living area to add natural beauty  Install floating shelves and your favorite plants to add some natural beauty. This is an ideal way to create a one-of-a-kind spot for your greenery or indoor garden. With a little experimentation and creativity, you can create a customized indoor garden that will complement your existing one while also adding personality to your living room.

15. Floating media shelves

Create a stylish storage system to hold your TV, cable box, PlayStations, and other media equipment in your living room. Organizing all your media equipment in the floating shelves will keep your space organized, tidy and clean. 

When choosing the right media shelves for items it is crucial you consider the weight of your equipment and the capacity of the shelf can hold.  Make sure you choose the floating media shelves that are specifically designed to support the weight of cable boxes, TV, or other equipment. Also, ensure that the shelves are properly installed on the wall to prevent any accident or damage to your equipment. Check here on how to make sure the floating shelf safe.

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