15 Living room floating shelves decor ideas 2023


Living room floating shelves decor ideas

The living room is usually the heart of every home. This is the place where we relax, socialize, and entertain our guests. One way to enhance the beauty and functionality of our living room is to add floating shelves to our decor. 

In this article, we will explore 15 living room floating shelves decor ideas that are creative and unique to create a bold statement in your room. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a bold statement, there’s a floating shelf design that will suit your style and needs. 

Let’s dive in and show how you can transform your living room.

1. Display collections: 

To create a visually appealing floating shelf in your living room, display items such as framed photos, books, and decorative objects. When showcasing these items, try to arrange them in a manner that creates a visually appealing look in your living room. For instance, you might try to place smaller items in the middle and larger ones toward the end of the shelf. You can also try to group them to create a cohesive look or even arrange them in a zig-zag pattern. Just try to be creative in your arrangement. And make sure you choose a cohesive theme that matches your furniture decor.  

2. Add greenery plants:

Bring some life and texture to your living room space by placing potted plants or succulents on a floating shelf.  Greenery is a great decor idea that you can incorporate into your living room to beautify your space and make it look more interesting.

When selecting the type of greenery to place on your floating shelf, it is very important to choose the right plants. For instance, snake plants, pothos, and succulents are good options because they are easy to care for and need low light to survive.

 Another thing you should keep in mind when decorating the floating shelf in the living room is the pot size and the texture. Try to include pots of different dimensions; for instance, you might try placing larger plants in the large pot and the smaller plants in the smaller pot. Just be creative when decorating plants. 

3. Display artwork:

Add your personality to your living room by displaying your favorite artwork on a floating shelf. The artwork is excellent; you will bring a visual interest and personal touch to your living room. 

When displaying artwork, you should consider the size of the art and the dimensions of the floating shelf. Make sure you don’t overwhelm the floating shelf with lots of decorative items and get lost. Try to strike a balance between the decor items and the artwork you place on a floating shelf.

Another way you can make a bold statement in your style and add visual interest to your room is to mix and match the style of artwork on your floating shelf. For instance, you can try to pair vintage botanical illustrations with something modern, such as abstract print, to bring a balance in style and design.

4. Storage display:

Create a storage system to keep your items organized. Place a basket or bin on a floating shelf and keep the clutter at bay to make your living room look neat and tidy. 

When using a bin or basket as a storage system, keep the following in mind. You should choose the right bracket as well as the items you are planning to store there. For instance, woven baskets or wire baskets are perfect for adding texture to your floating shelf. While clear acrylic bins are best for storing smaller items like office supplies or craft supplies.

5. Candle holders:

Create a cozy atmosphere and some warmth in your living room by placing candle holders on your floating shelves. 

When selecting the best candle, you should consider the type of floating shelf and also the size of the candle. Create a balance because you don’t want the candle holder to take up too much space.

Another thing you should do to create a warm atmosphere and visual interest in your living room is to mix and match styles. Try to mix different styles of candle holders in your living room, for instance, I like mixing rustic lantern holders with sleek and modern holders to bring that wow vibe to my room. Be creative and try different arrangements until you find the wow effect in your room.  

6. Create a seasonal decor shelf:

Add a touch of freshness and bring festive life to your living space by decorating a floating shelf with items that reflect the current holiday season.

To add a touch of the festive season, consider what is coming up and choose the color scheme that is associated with it. For example, during the winter season, you can choose a winter theme to create a cozy environment. During the holiday season, you can add pops of red or metallic items to bring a festive vibe to your home. You only need to be creative when decorating the floating shelf.

7. Create a mini bookshelf:

Add a personal touch to your floating shelf by stacking all your literature or your favorite books. 

To create an interesting mini bookshelf for your home, add books that reflect your personality to the shelf. Choose the books that reflect your style and interests and arrange them by size or genre to create a cohesive look. You can also try mixing books of different sizes or other decorative items to break the monopoly of books.

8. Decorative trays:

Place decorative trays on your floating shelf to add visual interest and functionality to the shelf. Placing beautiful trays on the shelve can help you create a mini bar area where you can organize and group all your smaller items.

When choosing the best style for your floating shelf, choose the one that will match well with the decor style in your living room. Whether your home decor is traditional, or modern, there are great trays out there that will suit your taste.

9. Display sculptures pieces:

Create a balance between visual interest, dimension, and texture in your living room by displaying sculptures on a floating shelf. You can achieve this by displaying sculptures that complement your decor theme. You can also try mixing different types of furniture of different sizes and materials to see which one brings a cozy feel and visual interest to your living room.

10. Incorporate textiles:

Add textiles such as blankets, and rugs to your floating shelves to create a functional display. Try to mix different types of textures on a floating shelf to add warmth and visual interest to your living room. For instance, you can fold and roll different textures, such as blankets, and arrange them neatly on the shelf to create a stylish texture that enhances the overall look of your living room.

11. Add unique objects that reflect your style:

Add special items that reflect your personality and character and overall enhance the look of your floating shelf. Such unique items that you can showcase include globes, vintage cameras, knick-knacks, or any items that reflect your style. Additionally, you can try to mix and match other items, such as plants, and decorative pieces, to add depth and visual interest to your floating shelf.

12. Create a beautiful galley wall effect:

Create a memory wall and functional display by mixing different picture frames and photos on a floating shelf in your living room. The idea is to create a beautiful gallery wall that speaks about you in the living room. Try to add framed pictures that complement well with the surrounding decor to enhance the overall look of your living room. 

13. Wine rack in living room

Enhance the overall look by showcasing all your favorite wines on a floating shelf. If you are a wine lover, you can opt to create a wine rack where you can keep the wine and the wine bottles. Furthermore, when choosing the type of wine rack, choose the one that adds a cozy look and also matches the surrounding decor.

14. Add calm lighting 

Add lighting to your floating shelf to create a cozy and inviting ambiance in your living room. Such lighting you can place includes small lamps and lighting fixtures. You can also add lighting around your decor items to showcase them or create a glowing effect. Additionally, when selecting the lighting type, choose one that matches the style of your living room. 

Conclusion of living room floating shelves decor ideas

In conclusion, when decorating a living room, use floating shelves to display items such as framed photos, books, and decorative objects. To create a visually appealing shelf, display items such as framed photos, books, and decorative objects, and add lighting for an inviting look.

 To create a storage display, place a basket or bin on a floating shelf and keep the clutter at bay. To create a seasonal decor shelf, add items that reflect the current holiday season. To create a mini bookshelf, add books that reflect your personality and arrange them by size or genre. Additionally, check on how to decorate a floating shelf here

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