5 Best ladder shelf over the toilet in 2023


Over the toilet ladder shelf provides an easy way to organize your toiletries, cosmetics, and small towels in a convenient way in your bathrooms.  Whether your bathroom toilet is standard or tiny, the over-the-toilet shelf will provide extra storage for all your essentials.

The most standard toilet measures 27-37 inches high from the floor up to the water closet.  However,  over the toilet cabinet measures approximately 20-23 inches from the floor to the first shelf. This space is ideal because it leaves enough space for the water closet to fit in. 

In this review, we have taken the consideration the depth, width, and height of a standard toilet and compiled the best over-the-toilet cabinet that will fit well in your bathroom without taking much of your space. We have researched and measured the dimensions of each toilet cabinet to make sure it fits well in your small bathroom.

Freestanding over the toilet cabinet

Calirose Freestanding Over-The-Toilet Storage

Brighten your bathroom and keep your toiletries, and small towels organized for a seamless reach with free standing over the toilet cabinet. It measures 23.6 inches wide and 34.2 high which is suitable for most standard and small room bathrooms. Features 4-tier open shelves, 4 multipurpose hooks, and 1 toilet paper holder to organize and hook all your bathroom essentials.

It is made from strong wooden boards and the metal frame ensures the stability and durability of the shelf.  The four metal feet are adjustable and well-balanced to keep off from wobbling and hence smooth at the bottom to protect your floor from scratches. The finish and the style are beautiful.  You choose from white that brings a dainty and clean look. Black, to add an industrial feel to your bathroom, or brown, and add a nice blaze with a sense of simplicity in your bathroom.

Overall, the freestanding over-the-toilet cabinet looks amazing, perfectly fits in a small bathroom, and the kitchen is multifunctional, sturdy material used, is cheap, and is super easy to assemble. 

Features and Specifications

  • It takes up small space while being spacious 
  • The height from the floor to the first floor:34.2 inches
  • Overall dimensions:68” H X 23.6” W X 9.4” D
  • Overall product weight:16.75lb
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Looks amazing and blends well with a variety of colors
  • Fits well in a small room and is spacious to organize items
  • Very cheap and sturdy
  • Sizes do not fit with all bathroom toilets

    Pinecrest Freestanding Over the toilet storage

    Pinecrest Freestanding Over-The-Toilet Storage

    Bring life to the plain bathroom and add an elegant look with Pinecrest freestanding storage system. It features 4 shelves with cubbyholes that include a spacious and adjustable shelf with a smooth door to conceal all your items. Hence a translucent insert at its door to showcase all your items while adding an appealing look.

    The finish is the faux slate that brings a natural feel while the back panel is a beadboard that adds a sleek and cool look. In addition, the cabinet comes with safety brackets which you can use to secure the piece which is located at the back of the cabinet. Overall the freestanding over the toilet storage is easy to assemble, offers enough room for water tanks, the material used is sturdy and lastly comes with 4 open shelves.

    Special Features and Specifications 

    • Overall Size:68.13” H X 23.3” W X 7.5” D
    • Cout Width- Side by Side:23.25” W
    • Toilet storage space- height: 32.39” H
    • Toilet Storage Depth- Front to Back: 7.5
    • Between the legs Width:21.10”

    Over-The-Toilet Storage

    Wayfair Basics® Boothe 23" W x 60" H x 9.5" D Over-The-Toilet Storage

    The over the toilet storage features 3 tier shelves for seamless storage of your washcloths, towels, and other bathroom supplies. Each shelf is large and the distance between them measures  10.2”.The unit is sleek yet strong and each shelf holds a maximum of 15 lbs. The metal steel used with chrome finish is rust resistant and hence blends well with modern bathroom or kitchen decor.

    The over the toilet storage is easy to mount on the wall using drywall screws. It is also stable and aligns well with the uneven floor when screwed on the floor. Overall, the freestanding over the toilet takes up small space in your bathroom or kitchen,  features 3 tier shelves and the metal frame used is bulky yet strong. 

    Features and Specifications

    • Distance between the shelves:10.2”
    • Weight capacity per shelf: 15lbs
    • Height of the lowest bar: 5.875”
    • Distance between the floor to the first shelf: 37.5”
    • Material: Metal with chrome finish
    • Super easy to assemble
    • The unit takes up small space hence spacious
    • Multifunctional- you can use it in the kitchen, bathroom
    • Easy to assemble and sturdy
    • Great for the price 
    • Comes with only one color option

      Calirose Freestanding Over-The-Toilet Storage

      Calirose Freestanding Over-The-Toilet Storage

      A multipurpose over the toilet storage features 1 toilet paper holder, 4 functional removable hooks, and 4 open-shelf tires for extra storage of all your bathroom essentials. With freestanding storage, you organize all your towels, shampoo, roll paper, magazines, or any bathroom essentials for seamless reach. The shelves and the hooks have a raised edge design that is sure to protect your bathroom items from falling down.

      The shelves are made from strong particle board with a melamine finish which is waterproof, sturdier, and easy to clean with a dumb cloth. While feet feature a metal with an x-frame design that’s brings stability and durability of the cabinet. 

      Overall, the over the toilet storage fits well in a tight bathroom, leaving room for the water closet, and spacious to organize or hook all your bathroom essentials.

      Features and Specifications

      • Overall dimensions: 68” H X 23.6” W X 9.4” D 
      • Toilet storage space height: 11”
      • Cout width:22” W
      • Weight capacity per shelf:33lbs
      • Height from the floor to the first shelf: 34.2”
      • Easy to assemble and include 1 toilet paper holder, 4 removable hooks, and 4 open shelves 
      • Provides a lot of extra storage and holds a lot of bathroom assecories
      • Nice looking for any bathroom
      • Very sturdy and easy to assemble
      • Fits well in a tight space 
      • Very cheap
      • It is a little wobbly 

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