5 Unique Leaning Bookshelf That Makes Your Room Stunning


Are you looking for the right storage system that will organize your overflowing books in your home or home storage that is perfect to showcase all your decor items? A leaning bookshelf is an ideal solution. It is a space saver and comes with a lot of open shelves that are spacious thus organizing or showcasing your items becomes seamless. 

 Let’s explore the best-leaning bookshelves that are highly reviewed, and stylish and take up small floor space in your living room, kitchen, office, or kitchen.

Leaning bookshelf with drawer

A 65” H leaning bookshelf with a sleek and modern design let you organize all your books, small plants, and collectibles with ease. It comes with 4 open shelves and 2 storage drawers that are spacious to display your books and other collectibles. The shelves are fixed and the distance between them is the same,  it measures 12.5 inches from each other. The two spacious drawers provide a room to hide all your items and the inside measures 20” L X 13”  W X 4.5” D. 

Overall, the leaning shelf with a contemporary design and white finish looks unique, the build material is sturdy and the tipping hardware is included to mount it on the wall.  It is also super easy to assemble and the overall height measures 60” H.

Special Features and Specifications

  • Overall dimensions: 16.75″D x 25.5″W x 70.5″H
  • Style: contemporary design
  • Has four open shelves and two drawers
  • Color: White 
  • The leaning is functional and works well in different room settings
  • It has ample space to store or organize all your items
  • It has a unique design and looks great
  • It takes up a small space in your room
  • It requires a lot of time and patience to put it together
  • Not the most sturdy bookcase you can find on the market

    Black Ladder Bookcase

    Ricardo 69.5'' H x 21.63'' W Ladder Bookcase

    Create a cozy place for your books and collectibles with a wall-mounted bookcase. It features five open shelves with a lifted edge design to protect any items from falling. The shelves are spacious and the dimensions measure 12.75” H X 5.75” D X 19” W. While the height from the bottom to the top shelf measures 56.25 inches high.

    The bookcase is sturdy and functional and it perfectly fits well in a living room, kitchen, bedroom, or kids’ bedroom. You only need to mount it on the wall using the screws provided at the topmost legs for stability in the drywall of your room. Furthermore, the assembly is flawless, all the mounting devices are included,  and you only need a screwdriver and within 30 minutes it will be ready.

    Features and Specifications

    • Shelf:12.75” W X 19” W
    • Overall Height: 69.5 “ Inches
    • Distance between shelves: 13” inches
    • Color: Black, Gray, or White 
    • Recommended weight capacity per shelf:10lbs
    • The ladder bookcase takes up a small space
    • It is spacious and functional
    • Very sturdy when mounted on the wall
    • It looks beautiful 
    • I wish they add the cover so that you don’t see the screws

    72.75 Lander Bookcase

    Gilliard 72.75'' H x 25'' W Ladder Bookcase

    A perfect ladder bookcase that is used in a living room, office, or any room that needs an additional display storage unit. It boasts 5-tier shelves with a spacious distance of 11.7 inches, and each shelf holds up to 15 lbs. It has come metal brackets to secure it on the wall, plus all the dowels to cover the screws are included.

    The build material is natural wood and does not contain harmful smells, though it is not as smooth as you would expect. And lastly, the design looks inviting and a variety of color options to choose from are included. Note, the cabinet is not perfect in a corner room, bathroom, or outdoor use. Check here, the corner cabinet that perfectly fits in a small room. You can also check the review of the best over-the-toilet cabinets here.

    Features and Specifications

    • Each shelf holds 10 lbs
    • Dimensions of shelf 22.75” W X 5.75” D
    • The biggest shelf measures 23.31 W X 15.75” D
    • Distance between shelves: 11.7”
    • All the shelves touch the wall when mounted
    • It needs to be mounted on the wall and tools are included
    • The height of the bottom shelf to the floor is 5.5 inches
    • A spacious bookcase and functional
    • Sturdy material used for craftsmanship
    • It is versatile
    • Takes up a small space
    • Not perfect in a corner room, bathroom, or outdoors

    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the leaning bookshelf stable?

    Yes, leaning bookshelves are designed to be stable and secure. You only need to mount it on the wall with the screws provided and the piece becomes stable. Hence they are designed with wide legs and a solid base that provides support while preventing tipping.

    Can leaning bookshelves be used to store heavy items?

    It depends on the material used to design it. Most leaning bookshelf supports up to 30 lbs while others support approximately 10-15 lbs. It is important you check the recommended weight capacity before loading heavy items.

    Can leaning bookshelves be used in small spaces?

    Yes, leaning bookshelves are ideal for small spaces in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room, as they take up a minimal floor space compared to traditional bookshelves.

    Can I use leaning bookshelves in outdoor spaces?

    Depends on the build material used to make the bookshelf. Weather-resistant materials are good for outdoors while the other materials are perfect for indoors.

    How do you maintain a leaning bookshelf?

    To maintain the piece- keep it clean from dust and avoid overloading it with a lot of weight.  You can also use a damp cloth to wipe it up. Also, make sure to replace the loosened parts or broken parts when required.

    How do I choose the best-leaning bookshelf? 

    When selecting the best-leaning bookshelf, you need to consider factors such as style, size, load capacity, material, functionality, and price to make sure it meets your needs.

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