6 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs Under $100-$150

Cheap gaming chair under$100-$150

Most cheap gaming chairs in the market today are not worth your investment. That might be intimidating but it is the naked fact. You will find that most companies in the market their interest is money. So they concentrate on marketing their products but not considering key features a gaming chair should have. These features are design, high-quality material, and comfortable cushions. So we decided to wrap up the 10 best gaming chairs under 150 that you might consider. Let’s get started.

Our overall best gaming chair under $150 is the Gt099 gaming from Gtracing. Gtracing is a renowned brand for many years. Providing cheap gaming chairs that are high quality, affordable and durable. If you can check on Amazon, the gt chairs are one of the best-reviewed cheap gaming chairs accumulating 4.5 out of 38000 ratings. So definitely that’s a good indication that they deliver. 

GTracing GTO99-RED

GTracing GT099 Gaming Chair

First, Gt099 is not a premium gaming chair. But it outshines a few of the premium gaming chairs out there in the market today in terms of comfort and adjustability. You will find that most chairs only recline 90 degrees when working and 150 degrees horizontally. However, this is not the case with the GT099 gaming chair. The GT099 can adjust with help of a lock feature up to 160 degrees which is almost horizontal.  I really found this feature pretty amazing when you are tired and want to take a nap. 

The other premium feature that every gamer should look out for is adjustability. Although most cheap gaming chairs expect 2D adjustability. But this is not the case with GT099. The chairs come packed in a 3D armrest. You will definitely love how this feature is helpful when you want to relax your elbows. You can also easily rotate the armrest in the direction that you want. By this I mean, you can move them closer to rest your arms, or you can get rid of them when you want to. 

When it comes to matters of comfort the GT099 delivers. The soft integrated head and lumbar, support your back for proper ergonomics. They allow you to sit for long without feeling numbness or back pain. However, the chair can get sweaty for long sitting because the Pu leather is not highly breathable as compared with real leather. Read the whole review here GTracing GT099 Gaming Chair Review.

Key Features:

Dimensions: 20.86″(L) x 21.26″(W) x 51.97″(H)

Quality material used: PU leather, wrapped in red leatherette in a sleek

Adjustability: 3D armrest

Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Tilt mechanism: 90 degrees to 170 degrees

Swivel: 360 degrees

Vittese gaming chair

Vitesse gaming chair

Do you love spending most of your time gaming? If that’s you, you know how important it is to have the right gaming chair in your reach. But sometimes, these gaming chairs are expensive and beyond your pocket. What if I tell you that, you can still have a cheap gaming chair under 150 and still get comfort at ease. Vitesse is one of these cheap gaming chairs under $150 that you can find on the market today. 

At a glance, the chair assembles racing-style designs with two cushions at the back. The design is human-oriented and conforms to your body when gaming for long sessions and long working hours without feeling fatigued. The seat is also upholstered with Pu leather at the backrest and also cushions. The two cushions will help and align your backrest at 90 degrees for proper ergonomics when seated. Still, you can recline up to 180 degrees which is almost horizontal when taking a break.

 The exterior design of Vitesse gaming chairs looks elegant and awesome. If you are like me, who likes the basic all-black, you can go for that. But if you want it colorful, you can go with the decent red and blue finish. However, the Vitesse is also a study and can hold a recommended weight of 300 pounds. 

We highly recommend Vitesse ergonomic gaming chairs for people gaming for up to 5 hours. Besides, if you really want a chair that you can use for homeschooling, office work, this is the right chair for you. Read the whole review here Vitesse gaming chair

Key Features:

Standard  area dimensions: 14.9″ x 20.4″ (W X D)

Backrest Dimensions:22.2″ x 30.7″ (W X L)

Standard weight capacity:300lbs

Adjustable seat height:15.3-18.8

OFM- ESS gaming chair

Comfort is one of the essential features that professional gamers consider first. And you do not have to pay a fortune to own a good gaming chair to get that. If you have been searching for a cheap gaming chair with a race car design then you may consider Ofm-ess.

 At first, the oFm ess was designed for Pc Users and office work. However, with the price tag of $100, you expect a few ergonomics features. But the Ofm delivers in terms of comfort for that one month we tested it. 

The Ofm gaming chair comes contoured with integrated lumbar support and headrest. They are well-segmented to keep you comfy and support your back for long gaming sessions or office work. The only downside of Ofm cheap gaming chairs is the fixed armrest. You can only flip them up and down which is limiting as compared with other cheap gaming chairs. But they are well padded to support your elbows when gaming or working.

The material upholstered is Soft thread leather and contrasting colored upholstery for any aggressive style. The material is not genuine leather so expect to see wear and tear for a few years. In addition, the chair comes with eight different color options. Grey, Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, and Red/white. Read more OFM Ess-3085 Essentials Gaming Chair Review

Key Features:

Weight capacity:275lbs

360 degrees of swivel

Product dimensions: 30.5 x 28.25 x 48.25 inches

Five years limited warranty

The material used: softThread leather 

IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair

IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair

Maybe in the past, you’ve had a bad experience with a cheap gaming chair that broke up within a few months. I know how disappointing it can be. But this is not the case with the IWHM cheap gaming chair.

Imagine this,  owning a cheap gaming chair under 150 and getting the comfort at your feet. That doesn’t sound to be true, right? But we have tested many affordable gaming chairs, and IWHM is one the testament of a sturdy, cheap gaming chair that does not disappoint.

The design of this chair is impressive. It is a typical gaming style design with two holes at the backrest. These two holes allow air movement and flow. Especially in an office that is not temperature regulated. Thus, your body is prevented from heat and getting sweaty at your back.

The chair also comes with safe pneumatic gas, which allows height adjustment at your needs. On the right hand, there is a level in which you can use to position the right posture while gaming or working in an office.

The caster rolling wheel moves easily and smoothly and thus maintain the damage of the carpet or a wooden floor.

To enhance your comfort, there is a lean-back and rocking mechanism. In other words, you can lock the backrest at the desired angle. This allows you to lock the seat at 90 degrees when working. And still, you can adjust it when you want to stretch up when tired or want to take a power nap.  

To position your arms when typing or using a mouse, the chair comes with a padded armrest. These thickened armrest pads support your arms when typing. Also, they align your elbows for maximum ergonomics. They do not deform for long use. And they will help you reduce the load and fatigue on your arms, neck, and shoulders.

The material used is thick and generous. You get a soft PU upholstering at the padding and the backrest. So you can relax and be assured there is no hips pressure. Besides the PU leather is strategically distributed, thus not easy to deform and shrink when seating for long gaming sessions.

To wrap up. There is red soft nylon mesh at the middle of the backrest. This wear resistance mesh regulates your temperature and thus enhances the desired comfort.We highly recommend this gaming chair for people looking for a computer gaming chair for under $150. Read more IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair Review

Key Features:

Product Dimensions: 31.1” Dx23.62”Hx11.02W inches

Swivel:360 degrees

Play Haha Cheap gaming chair

play haha gaming chairs racing style

Are you a taller person, broader or heavier? Then Play haha is a great gaming chair under $100 to consider.

But how comfortable is this cheap gaming chair? Let’s find out.

 As I said earlier this chair is designed for larger users. So you expect it to be strong and sturdy. With this in mind, the cushion is thick and well padded to keep you comfy even after long hours. Furthermore, the cushion is soft, well-padded, and does not deform for long use.

No more neck pain and poor posture when seated. Because the chair has a u-shaped squishy headrest. This headrest supports and holds your neck anytime you need it. Furthermore, this soft pillow makes you more comfortable for long working hours. In addition to this, there is bigger lumbar support at the back. It aligns your spine straight when working on a desk or gaming. So you will not experience any back pain.

What about your arms? The armrests are amazing. They are high-end 3D handrails. Perfectly positioned to meet your needs. They are capable of turning left or right and moving up or down. We highly recommend this cheap gaming chair for broader people, heavier kids, teens, and adults. Read more Play Haha Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Key features:

Product dimensions:90D x 59W x 35H centimetres

Swivel:360 degrees

Maximum weight capacity: 350lbs

Birdrock Gaming Chair: Floor Gaming Chair

BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair

Do you know sitting on the floor can help you align and maintain the natural curvature of your spine? Yes, research has shown that seating on the floor can lead to a better posture and relief from back-related problems. That’s why we have decided to review one of the best cheap floor gaming chairs.

The birdrock home adjustable is one of the cheap comfy floor chair you will definitely love. It is well chopped with memory foam which conforms to your body thus giving you the perfect position when seated on the floor. Still, because the memory foam compresses it distributes your body weight thus eliminating uncomfortable pressure points

The finish and design of Birdrock cheap gaming chair is irresistible. From the back of the seat, you are all surrounded by soft plush fabric which is extremely comfortable.

I love how adjustable the Birdrock floor chair is. It is pretty amazing. It can adjust 14 different positions. For instance, you can lay the chair flat when watching your favorite movie or taking a power nap. Or still, you can adjust it at 90 degrees when playing video games, board games. In addition, the seat comes with five different color options. That is Blue, Brown, Eggplant, Grey, and orange. Read more Birdrock Floor Gaming Chair Review

Key features:

Product dimensions:  23DX19WX22.5H inches

Flat Position Dimensions: 21.25width x41.25DepthX6 Height

90 degrees Position Dimensions: 19 WidthX 23 DepthX22.5 Height

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