6 Best GTRacing Gaming Chairs: Comfortable, Affordable And Durable

Best Gtracing GT099, GT890M, GT890Mf, Ace SI Series, Pro Series Gt002 and Gt901

Even if you have been in the gaming world for just a minute, you must have come across the GTRacing brand. It is one of the best-known brands in gaming chairs and desks. GTRacing is best known for its highly affordable yet durable gaming chairs. We decided to do a roundup of the best GTR chair to make it easier for you to choose between models from this brand. 

The lineup we will feature here offers real value for your money—everything from basic to chairs with advanced features like sound, Bluetooth connectivity, and footrests.

GT Racing is a very ambitious brand, and they keep adding more exciting products to the market. This list is not comprehensive, and we will keep updating it to reflect new additions in the market. 

The Different GTR Gaming Chair Series

GT Racing has eight different gaming chair series designed and meant to meet the many different needs of their growing clientele.  Some people want gaming chairs with audio, others wish to have a footrest to keep their feet elevated, and others want more premium features with their chairs.

GT Racing offers eight different series designed to meet those many different needs. Their gaming chair series are; the Ace series, Pro series, Music series, Footrest series, Ace series M1, Luxury series, and Pink and Purple series. 

Each series has several models of gaming chairs with different features and finishes. Therefore, you have many options when choosing the best seat for your needs. With these many models in the market, GTRacing is committed to ensuring that gamers and professionals who sit for long are comfortable and avoid the problems associated with sitting for long. 

How does GTRacing come up with its chairs?

Much research has been done on ergonomics, and it is already known what makes a good chair. GTRacing does not try reinventing the wheel. Instead, they take what works and try to perfect it. 

It takes the best-performing chairs in the market and copies what they have done. They cut costs on production and advertising to bring you the same premium chairs from other brands at more affordable prices. You do not have to pay too much to get those features you want. 

List of the Best GTracing Gaming Chairs

1. GT099: Great chair for the price

2. GT890M: Sturdy. Comfortable. Outstanding Sound

3. GT890Mf: Extra Layer of Comfort

4. Ace SI Series: Nice aesthetics, for small users

5. Gt002: Comfortable for medium-sized users

6. Gt901: For Big and Tall Guys

GTRacing GT099: Great chair for the price

GTracing GT099 Gaming Chair

The first list of the best chairs is GT099. It is a lavish and comfortable chair without breaking the bank.

The GT099 boasts plush padding of a high-density cushion and an ergonomic metal frame underneath. The frame offers outstanding support, while the plush padding ensures you are comfortable. 

The upholstery doesn’t feel premium or expensive. It is the standard PU leather typical of gaming chairs in this price range. But I loved the colour finishes. You can get the GT099 in a mix of black and other colors (red, blue, green, white, grey, and purple.)

Most gaming chairs costing as little as the GT099 are underrated in durability. But GT099 is built to last. Yes, you might see signs of wear and tear after several years of use, but his chair keeps ongoing.

The Assembly of the GT099 is a little bit awkward. This chair has a lengthier assembly process than most other chairs. Mostly, this is because you will have to install the recline mechanism and the armrests yourself.

The armrests are 2D adjustable. You can change the height or rotate them to three different angles to have them right where you need them.

After you have it installed, the reclining mechanism will recline the backrest to 170 degrees. You can lock it at any angle where you are comfortable and use the chair. 

The GT099 supports up to 300 pounds which is pretty impressive. Thanks to the heavy-duty plastic base and the SGS certified gas lift. The chair can comfortably manage to hold 300 lbs without falling apart. However, users of that weight might find the chair a bit small. The seat measures 20 inches wide and is 16 inches deep, which is relatively small for big users. 

Does the chair squeak? The movement is effortless, thanks to the nylon-covered casters.

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What we like
  • The GT099 is a highly affordable gaming chair
  • The gaming chair is built to last
  • A strong ergonomically designed metal frame offers good support
  • The chair reclines back to 170 degrees and has rocking function
  • The chair is highly affordable
What we don’t like
  • The chair squeaks
  • The assembly process is a bit lengthy as compared to other gaming chairs

GT890M: Sturdy. Comfortable. Outstanding Sound

GTRacing GT890M wit speakers

The GT890M Music Series is the second gaming chair on our list. It comes with Bluetooth speakers. The speakers are positioned right near your ears on each side of the side bolsters or the chair’s wings. 

The chair is also Bluetooth readily available. To be easy to enjoy the audio, the chair needs to be connected to your favourite devices.

Note. The wireless Bluetooth adapter is not integrated into the chair. Instead, you will have to purchase the Bluetooth adapter separately.

The sound out of the speakers is quite impressive. There is no subwoofer system, but the speakers deliver decent bass and clear sounds for an immersive experience. You can directly connect the chair to your smartphone, audio devices, or laptop and enjoy music. 

The GT890M also connects with consoles, including Nintendo, PS4, Xbox, etc. Connecting to the consoles is only done through the adapter you buy as an extra. 

The Bluetooth speakers have 6 hours of continuous playback time. This gives you enough time to work or relax on the chair without recharging. 

The GT890M supports 300 pounds, just like the GT099. The five-point base is heavy-duty and stands on smooth-rolling casters that make movement easy.

Your gaming chair doesn’t just have to be comfortable, it can also be fun, and the GT890M makes sure of this. Sounds blasting through your ears make gaming even more enjoyable and enhance your gaming skills. You can also use the chair to listen to podcasts.

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What we like
  • The chair can be used for watching movies, listening to music and podcasts or even for live streaming.
  • The sound quality is quite decent
  • You enjoy access to audio without the fatigue associated with wearing headphones for long
  • The chair reclines by 160 degrees and it can be locked at any position.
  • There are four color variants to choose from
What we don’t like
  • The bluetooth adapter has to be purchased separately
  • The chair doesn’t have modern connectivity options like HDMI and others

GTRacing GT890MF: Extra Layer of Comfort

The Gtracing music GT890MF Black and Red Series.

The GT890MF feels like an upgrade to the GT890M. This is because besides having the speakers, it also comes with a footrest.

If you have been gaming for a minute or sitting for long hours, you must have felt the urge to elevate your feet. This is because sitting for long hours puts undue pressure on your hips and knees, reducing blood flow to the legs and fatigue. When you have a gaming chair with a footrest, you can elevate your feet anytime you feel like to enhance blood flow to and from the legs.

The GT890MF takes work and play to the next level. You can recline the backseat and have your feet up when gaming or relaxing on the chair. Imagine now being able to do that while listening to your favorite tunes or podcasts. Cool, right?

The speakers are good quality for a gaming chair and give you a complete audio experience. You will hear all the highs and the lows from the speakers with ease which means you get more immersed in the gaming session.

This gaming chair with a footrest can be connected to all your audio devices and consoles through a Bluetooth adapter. Unfortunately, the adapter is not sold together with the chair. You have to acquire it separately from GTRacing. But, the connection is easy and pretty straightforward when you have the Bluetooth adapter. 

The speakers give you 6 hours of playback time on a single full charge. You do not have to stop now and then to recharge the chair.

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What we like
  • The GT890MF has a footrest for an extra layer of comfort
  • The chair connects easily to consoles and audio devices through the adapter
  • The armrests are 3D adjustable so you always find the perfect position for your elbows
  • You get high adjustability for customized comfort
What we don’t like
  • Both adapter has to be purchased separately
  • The chair is not suitable for big and tall users 

ACE S1 series: Nice aesthetics for small users

GTracing Ace series gaming chair with Grey color option

Want a luxurious gaming chair without breaking the bank? Of course, you do. The Gtracing ACE S1 series gaming chair is the right chair for you to enjoy premium features without paying a premium price. 

The ACE series has three models S1, M1, and L3 models. The S1 is for small users standing between 5’3” and 5’11” and weighing less than 290 pounds. The M1 model is for average users 5’4” to 6’1”, while the L3 is for big and tall guys 5’8” to 6’2”.  

The S1 series gaming chair can easily rank as the best cheap gaming chair today.

With the S1, you choose between PU leather or fabric upholstery. PU leather is easy to care for and gives the chair a sporty finish. On the other hand, the fabric is more breathable, comfortable for prolonged sitting, and provides the chair with a luxurious finish. The leather will wear out after 3 to 4 years of full-time use, while the fabric lasts much longer to even a decade. 

The other impressive feature of the Ace S1 series from GTRacing is the 4D adjustable armrests. Most gaming chairs in the same price range as the S1 only have 2D armrests. GTtracing went all out and included 4D armrests, allowing you to perfect your elbows for the tasks at hand. 

The base is all aluminum, and atop it is a class 4 gas lift mechanism. These are features that you pay quite a lot of money for in other brands, but GTracing offers them relatively less. 

GTRacing is not done with you yet. You get an extended warranty of up to 5 years. Out of the box, the chair comes with a 1-year warranty, but GTRacing allows you to extend it to 5 years in two easy steps. 

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What we like
  • The chair offers many premium features at a very affordable price
  • The chair is made using high quality materials and is more metallic than plastic
  • You get a choice between fabric or leather upholstery
  • The armrests are 4D adjustable to ensure you get the perfect position each time
  • Overall the chair is affordable and great value for your money
What we don’t like
  • The leather upholstery option is only available in standard PU leather and not real leather like with some premium brands.

GT002: Comfortable for medium-sized users

Another chair in the Pro series that you might want to consider is the GTracing GT002 gaming chair. This gaming chair is available in Black and blue, black and grey, and black and green.

The GT002 gaming chair is your usual gaming chair in design and has many of the features it has. The armrests on the chair are only 2D adjustable. You can change the height or rotate the armrests to get them out of the way. This is not as impressive, but it’s expected of an entry-level chair. 

The GT002 is quite supportive and designed to cater to medium-sized users. It supports 300 pounds thanks to the five-point base and class 3 hydraulics. The chair is wide and large to ensure you have enough wiggle space. However, it is not designed for big and tall users; therefore, it can get squeaky with very heavy users. 

The core is a metallic frame typical of many GTracing chairs. It is strong and ergonomically designed to ensure you are seated in the right posture. Atop the frame is a high-density cushion that is comfortable and long-lasting. 

The GT002 gaming chair is upholstered in standard PU leather. Therefore, expect to contend with noise and a chair that warms up the more you sit on it.

In terms of adjustability, the chair is at par with what you should expect from GTracing. The backrest reclines all the way back to 170 degrees, and you can lock it in place anywhere you want it. This, coupled with the 2D armrests and the height adjustability, give you decent adjustment levels to customize your comfort.

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What we like
  • The chair is very affordable and good value for money
  • You get very good adjustability options for customized comfort
  • The chair has an elegant racing style design
  • Overall the chair is great quality and built to last
What we don’t like
  • The chair can get squeaky and the PU leather is noisy.

GTracing GT901: For Big and Tall Guys

Gtracing Gt901 black

The GTracing GT901 gaming chair is a best seller for this company because of two reasons. First, it is designed with big and tall users in mind. The category of the big and tall users is not so well taken care of, and some of the chairs available in the market are quite expensive. 

The other reason why this gaming chair is a favorite for many is because of the footrest feature. There are many gaming chairs for the big and tall guys, but not many have a footrest. Therefore, the GT901 wins the hearts of many. 

But, that is not all, because this gaming chair is quite affordable. Do not let the price fool you into thinking that this is a substandard product. On the contrary, it is a well-built chair designed to ensure your comfort and last a long time.

The GT901 is big in size and heavy-duty, made to compete with the likes of the Secretlab Titan. It has a recommended maximum weight of 350 pounds. The seat is wide, and the backrest is high to ensure big and tall users can enjoy this chair. 

The chair reclines all the way back to 170 degrees. This, coupled with the retractable footrest, means you can use the chair as a relaxing bed. The footrest extends to an adequate distance for the tall users the chair is intended for. 

The chair is quite comfortable thanks to the generous high-density padding on the seat and backrest. The body-hugging design of the chair positions your body in the right posture. The soft PU leather also gently rubs on your body, making you feel protected and comfortable. 

Gtracing did not compromise any part of this chair. It is a heavy-duty chair and is designed as such. The frame is metallic, and to give the big and tall users more peace of mind, the five-point base is also metallic. This means that the chair is quite supportive and doesn’t squeak when used by heavy people. The only thing that could make noise is the PU leather as you enter or exit the chair. 

The armrests on this chair are the only major disappointment. They do not have that 3D or 4D level of adjustability that you would expect with a chair intended for big and tall users. However, you can adjust the height of the armrests. They are also large and padded to keep your elbows and arms comfortable. 

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What we like
  • The chair is designed for big and tall users
  • It comes with a strong metallic frame and base
  • It has a footrest and 170 degrees backrest recline
  • Overall the chair is of very good quality and properly made.
What we don’t like
  • The armrests are only height adjustable

Final Verdict

GTracing is not a brand trying too much to reinvent the wheel of its gaming chairs. Unlike Dxracer or Secretlab gaming chairs, GTracing offers only some of the most important features at a very affordable price. 

GTracing might copy its competitors and not offer anything original, but they are not knockoffs. They offer decent-quality chairs that offer good ergonomics, adjustability, and comfort. Their gaming chairs are also very durable, easy to assemble, and made with all users in mind. 

The brand is reliable and trustworthy. With many people staying away from gaming chairs because of their associated high prices, GTracing caters to users on a shoestring budget but still wants the comfort and style associated with racing-style gaming chairs. 

With GTracing, there is a chair for every level of need and every budget. If you want premium features and luxury, you will get it. Also way cheaper than what you will get with other brands. However, due to the affordability, GTracing doesn’t include integrated lumbar support and the modular design you will find in these other more expensive chairs.

The big question to ask yourself is, do you really need to pay extra for those features? Sometimes you do not, and the difference in prices is staggering. We highly recommend the chairs from the GT racing brand for all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gtracing a good brand?

We have put the GTRacing brand to the test through its products and market presence, and we can conclude that GT racing is a good brand. They have great products, and they have various other products, including gaming desks and gaming accessories. 

The brand puts your mind to rest by offering industry-leading warranties on its products. This is important because it shows you that the manufacturer stands behind the quality of the products. 

Yes, we highly recommend the GTracing gaming chairs. A quick online search will reveal to you that this brand has some of the best-selling chairs on the market. Their chairs are also very highly reviewed, and the ratings they have accrued show that GTracing is a good brand to buy from. 

Are the Gtracing gaming chairs Comfortable?

Yes, they are comfortable. Several factors go into determining how comfortable a chair will be. GTracing ensures that all of these factors are taken care of so you get a chair you can totally depend on. 

The first factor that determines comfort is the frame. The frame has to be strong and should be ergonomically designed. GT racing chairs come with a strong metallic frame that is designed with your body in mind. 

After the frame, the other consideration for comfort is the cushion. It has to be thick and able to hold your weight without deforming. GTracing gaming chairs have at least 3 inches of high-density cushion on the seat. After the cushion comes to the upholstery, which also determines how comfortable you will be. GT racing uses PU leather and fabric materials that are standard in the gaming chair industry. 

Another important factor that determines your comfort is the armrests. GTracing gaming chairs come with ergonomic armrests that are adjustable. Some chairs even have 4D adjustability, which means you always find the right position for your elbows. 

Are Gtracing gaming chairs worth it?

Yes, many of the gaming chair models from GTracing are worth the money. How do you know if a gaming chair is worth it? It is all about quality. GTracing uses quality materials to make its gaming chairs. Metal frames, high-density cushions, heavy-duty plastic parts, and good upholstery all make the GTTacing gaming chairs worth it. 

GTracing chairs are comfortable, affordable, and durable. But, what really makes the chair even more worth your money is the workmanship. The team at GTracing is a really knowledgeable and experienced one. You can rely on their decades of experience to create a product that will definitely serve you well.