7 Best Small Corner Cabinets to Suit Any Home Decor


Maximize storage in your corner space with a unique and stylish bookcase. A small corner is a cabinet designed with a slanted edge to perfectly fit without leaving any space in a corner room. It takes up small floor space, making it more valuable where the space is limited. 

You can use corner cabinets in a variety of ways. First, place it in the kitchen and store appliances, spices, and cookbooks. Still in the bathroom to organize your toiletries and linens or other items?  In the living room, display your favorite books, plants, and other decorative items.

In this article, we have compiled a variety of small corner cabinets with a stylish finish that complements your home decor.  

Small corner cabinet for the bedroom

Caree 28.88'' Tall 2 - Door Corner Accent Cabinet

“Dress up” your room and bring a storage system to fit those angry corners in your room. This corner cabinet comes with two adjustable shelves that offer ample space to organize your hand towels, toiletries, books, or any decorative items. It does not take much of your space hence the finish looks amazing and blends well with most colors. 

The small corner cabinet is made from manufactured wood and features flared legs, and two strong doors with a classic louvered finish. Overall the small corner bookshelf comes with three open shelves, two smooth doors, and two color options that are white and espresso. 

Special Features and Specifications

  • Color options: White and espresso
  • Material: Engineered wood
  • Features two adjustable shelves 
  • Overall dimensions:28.88” H X 22” W X 12” D
  • Cabinet interior: 20.75”  H X 22” W X 12” D
  • Very easy to put together
  • Super cute and space-saving bookcase
  • Better quality material for the price
  • Very sturdy 
  • It is not a great bookcase for a flat corner
  • I wish it had more shelves to accommodate more items

    Small corner cabinets for the bathroom

    Teamson Home Blue Ridge Corner Floor Cabinet

    Organize your cluttered items while adding an eye-catching for seamless storage of your items. Blue Ridge is a classy bookshelf that features a white finish with two spacious adjustable shelves. As result, it offers ample storage space to organize and display your items. Furthermore, features two adjustable shelves which are glass, that are strong to even support heavy items.

    The corner bookshelf utilizes every inch of a corner space while adding a glamorous look to your room. It is constructed with heavy and long-lasting wood, making it last for decades without breaking and lasting. Purchase this bookshelf if you are looking for a  storage system where you can organize your tissues and small towels in the bathroom. 

    It is also versatile and multifunctional because you can use it as a shelf to display and organize your utensil, and other items in the kitchen. Also place it in the corner of the living area to organize your books, plants at the top, or anywhere your heart desires.

     In conclusion, the assembly of the corner bookshelf is flawless and all the hardware requirements are included. The bookshelf features two adjustable shelves with crossed-shaped doors and an acrylic pull to easily lock your items. The finish looks exquisite and complements completely with most styles in your home. The corner bookshelf is versatile and takes up small space in your room. 

    Special Features and Specifications

    • Product  dimensions:17.25″D x 24.75″W x 32″H
    • Color: White
    • Installation: Easy and all items included
    • Shelves: Two adjustable glass shelves with ample space
    • Material: Engineered wood and metal
    • Good for the price
    • It looks perfect and versatile enough
    • Super easy to assemble
    • It is a sturdy piece of furniture
    • The bookshelf fits perfectly in a corner room and  does not take up much floor space
    • The manufactured wood looks cheap but  it is strong enough to hold up

      Corner cabinets for the dining room

      Jayson Bar Cabinet

      The corner cabinet is designed as a vertical bookshelf that perfectly fits in a weird corner in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any place you want to maximize space. Perfectly suit in a small corner space and offers a smart look and ample storage to display your items. Plus it is ideal as a bookcase where you can display books, and plants or organize wines and other decorative items in your home.

      The Corner cabinet is crafted from a plank of solid engineered wood and features five fixed spacious shelves. Two at the lower area with glass-paned doors to easily lock your items and three at the top where you display plants, books, and other items. In addition, the corner shelf is sturdy and sits firmly on the floor when loaded with tons of items. 

      Overall, the corner cabinet features three shelves at the top and two lower cabinets with glass-paned doors at the bottom. Versatile enough and an excellent choice for your dining room, living room, and lounge. It is a solid piece that sits firmly on a corner. Comes with four colors to choose from- that is chocolate, mahogany, stone gray, and white. And lastly very easy to assemble because clear instructions are included. 

      Special Features and Specifications

      • Overall Dimensions:69.5” H X 13.8” D X 24.4” L
      • Cabinet Basin:22.0” H X 22.8” W X 13.8” D
      • First shelf Height:12.87″
      • Second Shelf height:14.37″
      • Third shelf height:11.10″
      • Easy to assemble because comes with labeled instructions
      • Perfectly fits well in a corner space and saves you space
      • Looks clean and cute
      • Good quality for the price
      • It would be good if it was a bit taller and wide to accommodate a lot of stuff

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