7 Modern bookshelf for small spaces- 2023


Are you an avid reader who consumes two books every month, or even more? If so, congratulations! That’s an impressive feat. But as your book collection grows, you may find yourself struggling to find a neat and tidy way to display all those books in your home. That’s where a bookshelf comes in, offering a perfect solution for organizing and showcasing your beloved books.

However, what if your living space is limited and you don’t have enough room for a full-sized bookshelf? Don’t worry, because there are plenty of space-saving bookcases that are designed to fit in small corners or nooks in your home. These small and modern bookcases are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and other spaces where space is at a premium.

In this article, we are here to help you find the perfect modern small bookcase that will fit well in your room and save you precious space. We have carefully compiled a list of the top 7 modern bookshelves for small spaces that you should definitely consider.

Bookshelf for small spaces in bedroom

I love reading interesting books. Any time I read an interesting or provoking book, my soul feels warm and enlighted. Books for soul and bookshelf for books. 

With this 3-tier adjustable bookshelf, it will be very easy to customize the shelves to fit your height needs. The shelves are stylish and build quality and sturdy to support heavy books. The shelves are spacious to organize your favorite books. 

Perfect solution for any empty walls in your bedroom, living room,  and sturdy room. You only mount it with the screws provided and your room looks tidy and neat. 

Overall, the metal bookcase is sturdy and takes up small space on the wall. Very versatile and multifunctional. Easy to assemble and brings a rustic feels to any home.

Special Features:

  • Material: Study wood boards and metal brackets
  • Dimensions:H 5.5″ x L 17″ x D 6″
  • Each shelf holds up to 40lbs
  • Comes will hardware for easy installation 
  • Style: Rustic
  • Very sturdy shelves to hold a lot of books and other items
  • Good quality material and sturdy shelves
  • Easy to put together and a breeze to hang up
  • Cheap and worth every penny
  • Shelves are just wood but very sturdy

    Small bookshelf for small spaces kids(Wayfair)

    Beautiful tree bookshelf storage for a small space in the living room, kids’ room, or office. Features modern design nine shelves that hold up to 9 books per branch. 

    Perfect for displaying and organizing books in small areas, narrow spaces, classrooms, kids’ bedrooms, entryways, living rooms, and corners.

    The tree bookshelf has a unique and eye-catching design and comes with white, Black, and brown color choices. It takes up small space in your living room, office, or kids’ room.

    Special Features

    • Available colors: Black, White, Rustic Brown
    • Overall dimensions:49.8” H X15.8” W X 8.7” D
    • Shelf weight capacity: 5lbs
    • Frame material: Manufactured Wood
    • Shelf material: Manufactured wood
    • Nothing to note
    • Easy to put together
    • Very sturdy and can hold a lot of books
    • The design is genius because the weight of the books helps to stabilize the book shelve rather than weigh them down
    • Unique and save space
    • Good quality

    Narrow bookshelf for small spaces(Wayfair)

    Do you have a narrow or tight space and need a bookcase or storage system that is tall and narrow bookcase? This tall and narrow design comes with 8- tier shelves that will perfectly fit well in small or slim spaces. It does not take much of your floor space and comes with anti-falling devices that stabilize the bookcase when loaded with books. 

    The material used is high quality making it easy for the bookshelf to hold up to 15 lbs weight without breaking. It is also sturdy and strong wood used for craftsmanship to support heavy books with the help of tip over to stabilize the bookcase.

    The assembly is straightforward and within 30 min you will be done. What’s more, the bookcase is cheap. Lastly the tall bookcase is perfect for showcasing your books, video games, and displaying plants.

    Special Features

    • Shelf weight capacity 32.15lb
    • Warranty length 1 year
    • 8-tier shelf
    • Material: Manufactured wood
    • Tipover resistance device included
    • Super easy to assemble- DIY
    • Narrow and fit well in a small space
    • The material feels of a good quality
    • The bookcase is beautiful and cheap
    • Not very sturdy but it can hold up because of ant-leaning devices 

    Tall bookshelf for small spaces(Amazon)

    A modern, strong x-shaped design bookshelf f features a 6-tier rustic board with strong steel metal.  The metal is stable and holds up to 110 lbs weight of books without breaking. The dimensions of the bookcase are medium size and take up small space in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any small space. The boards allow you to separate and organize your favorite books, plants, trophies, figurines, and other items for each shelf of this rack with ease.

    The x-shaped bar’s design at the back ensures the stability of the bookshelf and the tip-over devices are included to make sure the bookshelf is stable.

    Special Feature

    • Color: Rustic brown, black
    • Material: Particleboard, steel
    • Product size:11.8”L x 15.6”W x 73.8”H (30 x 40 x 187.5 cm)
    • Max. Total Static Load Capacity: 110 lb (50 kg)
    • Product Weight: 29.1 lb (13.2 kg)
    • High-quality material and very sturdy
    • Easy to put together
    • Well build for a small space 
    • Versatile for different needs
    • Heavy

    Small bookshelf for nursery

    Bring some definition for a nursery room with this simple cube bookshelf. Features 3-tier 

    For those who are looking for a smart cube with a contemporary design, find no more. This cube small bookshelf is such a simple and sturdy cube bookshelf that will look pretty in your kid’s playroom, bedroom, or other open space. It comes with a 3-tier open cabinet where you can organize, books, yoga stuff, or anything with ease. 

    Special features

    • Overall dimensions:35” H X 12” W X 12” D
    • Product weight:39 lb.
    • Individual compatment:11” X 11” X 11.75”
    • Number of shelf tiers: 8
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Versatile for different needs
    • Super sturdy and well designed
    • Easy to put together 
    • Not big enough 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How can you maximize the storage space in a small bookshelf?

      Consider stacking the books using vertical orientation using the bookends to keep in them vertical organization instead of organizing them in horizontal directions. Keep in mind not all the bookshelf vertical organization applies.

      How can I use bookshelves to make a small space feel bigger?

      Choosing tall and narrow bookshelf and arranging it in a systematic way can create an illusion of more depth and height.  You can also try painting the small bookshelf with the color of your wall to create a seamless look- this will expand the perceived space.

      What materials are the best for bookshelves in a small space? 

        Wood, metal, glass, and laminate are good materials to choose from because they offer stability and durability while also being lightweight, strong, and inexpensive. Wood is the best choice because it adds a nice warmth to a room and easier to paint it to match the color of your choice. The metal shelves are strong, durable, and lightweight making it easier to move the bookshelf all around. Glass brings a more contemporary look to your room where you can show off all your collections while being easy to clean. And lastly, the laminate is inexpensive, and resistant to scratches, hence comes with a variety of colors to choose from.

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