Honest Review of the Autofull Gaming Chair 2023

AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair

Do you love gaming? Do you love the color pink? You will love the AutoFull Pink Gaming chair with bunny ears if that is you. We have also reviewed the Autofull conquer series gaming chair and many other typical gaming chairs like Secretlab and Noble gaming chairs, but not quite a chair like this one. 

The Autofull gaming chair has this unique and original design. This chair stands out with bunny ears at the top, the headrest, the tail, and a floor mat to match your floor. It is no wonder the chair has affectionately been nicknamed the bunny gaming chair. 

The chair is specifically designed for female gamers. This is the chair that shows you are a professional gamer and shows your feminine side. 

So what does the AutoFull bunny chair bring to the table besides the cute exterior? How does it hold up in terms of comfort and ergonomics? We bought the chair and tested it to bring you this unbiased Autofull gaming chair Review. 

AutoFull Bunny Pink gaming Cchair

Features and specifications

  • Seat Dimensions: 15″ width (without bolsters) x 20″ depth
  • Maximum recommended weight: 330 lbs
  • Backrest recline: 155 degrees
  • Backrest tilt: approximately 15 degrees
  • 2D adjustable armrests
  • Height adjustable from 16.5″ to 19.”
  • Integrated metal frame for superior support
  • High-density foam padding for comfort

Assembling the AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair

I don’t usually talk about the assembly of the chairs in most of the reviews. But, since this is a chair intended for the ladies, I feel it is best to discuss a little about the assembly process. 

The Assembly of the AutoFull pink bunny chair is pretty straightforward. There is a multi-language assembly guide. After each step, self-explanatory photos showing you what needs to be done and close-ups of the parts you need to fulfil the process. 

I like that the manufacturer understands their target market and has designed the chair for easy assembly. You will be done with assembly in like 30 minutes or faster, even if you are not a handy person. We were done in ten minutes. 


Straight out of the box, the cuteness of the bunny gaming chair is just inviting. The cover material is PU leather. It is soft and looks sumptuous in the pink and white finish. 

Below the cover, you get high-density foam padding that ensures your back and behind are comfortable while on the chair. This is not the most premium memory foam found in other high-end chairs, but it is comfortable and lasts long. 

The pink gaming chair with bunny ears is quite supportive. The base is five-point to offer you the desired support and make movement easy. The only problem I found with it is that it was all plastic. But, the frame is metal and ergonomically designed to offer you good support and position your body for the proper posture. 

The bunny gaming chair is wide and comfortable even if you have a big butt and hips. The 4D body-embracing design hugs you, constantly assuring you that you are in safe hands. 

The chair comes with a detachable headrest and lumbar pillows. These pillows go a long way to help you get support for your head, neck, and lower back regions. 

Adjustability and Ergonomics

You get decent adjustability options allowing you to find the perfect sitting position for any task. For me, 90 degrees (upright position) is best when working. I recline about 120 degrees when gaming and further down when I want to take a nap. 

The AutoFull bunny chair can recline up to 155 degrees. So you can always get the perfect angle for your work or even for a nap. 

The armrests are only 2D adjustable. I feel the manufacturer could have done much better here. However, you can change the height and rotate the armrests to get them out of the way. Another failure here is that the armrests are all plastic and feel cheap.

The bunny gaming chair is also height adjustable by about 2.5 inches. It is not the largest adjustment we have seen in a gaming chair. But, the chair suits the sizes of the majority of adult and teen women. The class 4 hydraulic system is smooth, and the lever is within reach and easy to handle. 

Aesthetics and Design

Pink Bunny gaming Chair with floor mat
Bunny ear gaming chair

This AutoFull pink gaming chair review would not be complete without mentioning the aesthetics and design of the chair. The pink and white color combo is girly and beautiful. It sits nicely on PU leather and gives it an elegant finish.

The white and pink combo is not only on the leather but also on the base and the chair’s wheels. But, there is so much more besides the color that enhances the beauty of this chair. 

Women love to accessorize. Whether through jewellery or handbags, women know how to put things together to make a fashion statement. If that feels like you, then you will love the AutoFull Pink bunny chair. 

It comes complete with accessories that enhance the beauty of the chair. The accessories also make it easy for you to have a theme for your gaming station. The chair ships with bunny ears, a tail, and a floor mat where the chair sits. That’s not all; the armrests are covered in a soft material that makes a design statement. 

AutoFull Pink bunny gaming chair with 2D armrest, base and bunny ears.
AutoFull 2D Armrest, Bunny ears, and the base

When set-up is complete with all the accessories, the AutoFull bunny chair stands out. It enhances your gaming station’s appeal and lights up the room.

  • Looks really cute in the pink with the bunny attachments.
  • Has a reclining backrest with rocking feature.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Offers decent comfort for the price
  • Comes with lumbar and headrest cushions
  • If you don’t love pink, then you might not like this chair.

Autofull chair review Final Verdict

To give my final opinion, I have to say that the AutoFull Pink gaming chair is a great gaming chair for ladies. The chair is designed with your body composition in mind.

Furthermore, the design is entirely original and cute. The accessories or goodies that you get with the chair add a certain charm that is hard to explain.

The only downside to the chair is that it has a lot of plastic materials which makes it appear cheap. The base and armrests are all plastic which is not a good look. 

Overall the AutoFull bunny chair offers more than just good looks. It also offers decent comfort, and it’s practical and usable even for professionals. We recommend this gaming chair to all women gamers who want to keep in touch with their feminine sides while still topping the charts.