AutoFull Conquer Series Gaming Chair review 2023

Conquer AutoFull

AutoFull is best known for its pink gaming chair with bunny ears. However, if you are not into pink, you can get the AutoFull Conquer Series gaming chair with a footrest in black, gray, brown, blue, and red finishes. 

The design of the all-new AutoFull gaming chairs with footrests is futuristic and attractive. The backrest is segmented in a charismatic design, and the PU leather beautifully wraps up the chair, making it look premium and comfortable. 

We have tested the pink bunny gaming chair before, and we loved it. For this reason, we decided to try out more AutoFull chairs to see what they are like and how they stack up against the competition. 

This Autofull Conquer Series gaming chair review will reveal our findings to help you decide. 

AutoFull Racing Style gaming Chairs in Black, Grey, Blue, Red and Brown with Footrest
AutoFull Gaming Chairs With Footrest

Features and Specifications

  • 3D bionic modeling lumbar pillow
  • 2D adjustable armrests
  • Backrest recline: 90-170 degrees
  • Retractable footrest
  • A strong metal frame offers support
  • Maximum recommended weight: 350 lbs
  • 25 degrees rocking function
  • Dimensions: 27.6 x 20.9 x 50.8 inches

Autofull Conquer Review: Design Upgrades

The Conquer chair has received a facelift this year, and I like the new look. Let’s start with the backrest. As stated earlier, the backrest on the new gaming chairs is segmented, not flat like in the previous series. 

The geometric pattern on the backrest is modern and futuristic. This design will remain relevant and up to date for years to come. The central segment is more considerable, giving the pattern balance while also comfortable while leaning back. 

The bolsters on the AutoFull Conquer Series Gaming chair also make a statement. Usually, with other gaming chairs in this category, like the GTracing GT890MF, the bolsters are the same as the rest of the chairs. However, AutoFull might only color them differently to make them stand out. 

This is not the way of AutoFull. The bolsters on these gaming chairs with footrests are made using carbon fiber material. Carbon fiber is more durable and easy to maintain. The color at the top of the bolsters beautifully contrasts with the rest of the chair. To get the attention of anyone that walks into the room.

The new design upgrade I was impressed with is the lumbar support. Usually, racing-style gaming chairs come with typical lumbar pillows attached using belts on the chairs. Again, AutoFull has outdone themselves in the design of the new lumbar support.

3D Bionic Modeling Lumbar Support 

AutoFull Racing style gaming chair with 3D Bionic Modeling Lumbar Support 

The lumbar support on the AutoFull ergonomic gaming chair with footrest is 3D Bionic Modeling Lumbar support. This lumbar support is taller, thinner, and broader than usual lumbar pillows giving you support right where you need it. 

If you have ever used a gaming chair with a bulky lumbar pillow, you know how they can take up your seat space. The 3D bionic lumbar support is thin, allowing you to sit much further back into the seat for proper posture. 

That is not all. The pillow adjusts quickly to your spine and offers support to a large part of your back. I thought that we had seen all there as we see with gaming chairs, but this small invention has completely changed my perspective. Gaming chair manufacturers might keep surprising us with inventions, even if it is for accessories. 

AutoFull Conquer Series Gaming Chair Comfort

The AutoFull Conquer Series Gaming Chair is optimized for comfort. The seat is covered with an 11cm thick cushion. The manufacturer claims that the cushion used is 50% higher density than the typical sponge used on other gaming chairs. Take this claim with a grain of salt. 

I say this not because the cushion is terrible, but because that cannot be a fact. Here, the manufacturer referred to the cheap gaming chairs ($100 or less) that usually have a low-density cushion. 

However, the cushion on this gaming chair is comfortable and holds its form for a long time. 

The chair is covered with PU leather so, nothing special there. Actually, the chair warms up with prolonged use and can get uncomfortable. But, the choice of colors, the segmentation, and the mix with other premium materials make the PU leather appear extremely elegant on this chair. 

The base is nylon and designed to be extremely low. The low base enhances stability even when you are reclining with the footrest out. 

Adjustability And Ergonomics

The chair is highly adjustable, except for the armrests that are only 2D adjustable. You can change the height or move them around an axis to get them out of the way. That’s not much compared to other gaming chairs that offer 4D adjustability, for instance, GT Omega Pro.

The armrests have a U-curve at the top, so your elbows sit correctly. They are also covered with soft PU plastic to ensure your elbows are comfortable as you work or game. 

The chair reclines back by 170 degrees which is impressive. It was easy for me to find my work and gaming angles and lock the chair in place. Easy peasy. The chair also rocks at 25 degrees. 

The footrest is typical of what you will find in other chairs. However, since this chair is a bit big, the footrest can support short users who want to enjoy the chair. 

Build-Quality And Value

For a chair in its price range, the AutoFull offers good value for money. It has improved their chair, making them even better for full-time gamers and office workers. 

The metal frame, PU leather, design elements, solid base, and generous, comfortable cushion are all features that justify the price.

  • Footrest adds extra support
  • Improved and excellent lumbar support
  • Great value
  • The chair looks elegant and expensive
  • The chair can get a but squeaky

Final Verdict: AutoFull Conquer Series Gaming Chair

I have to commend AutoFull for making a decent attempt to improve their gaming chairs. Mainly, I want to emphasize the lumbar support that is unlike any other in the market. 

The AutoFull racing-style gaming chair for 2020 is better than the previous versions. The seat offers more depth for you even when you are enjoying 3D lumbar support that conforms to your spine. 

We recommend this gaming chair for intermediate to professional gamers that want good value for money. This chair offers good support, comfort, and aesthetics without costing an arm and a leg. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Autofull a good gaming chair?

Autofull is a high-quality brand of gaming chairs that offers comfortable and durable options for long gaming sessions. They feature strong construction, customization options, and unique designs, with some models even including massage functionality. Autofull is a great choice for gamers seeking a reliable and stylish gaming chair.