Best budget gaming chairs 2022: Why spend more money?


Basically, when choosing a gaming chair, several factors may come into your mind. However, these factors are the ones that we prefer from one brand over the other. Comfort, adjustability, rocking mechanism, premium material, and price are just a few to mention. So we decided to wrap up the five best budget gaming chairs that are top-rated, you might consider checking out. Continue reading.

Homall Gaming Chair: Best budget for big and tall

Our top-rated best budget gaming chair is the Homall gaming chair, with overall ratings of 4.5 out of 56,465. And also the best seller on Amazon in best budget computer gaming chairs. Admittedly, this is a good indication that their chairs deliver in terms of your desired comfort.

At a glance, the chair resembles a racing-style design with two holes at the back, which allows airflow during long gaming sessions. However, the Homall gaming chair is ergonomically adjustable. It comes with a durable and reliable class 3 gas lift, allowing you to adjust your height to the desired level. Still, the gas is very supportive and stable to even support a maximum of 300lbs without breaking. 

The recline function is exquisite. You will still enjoy your break after long gaming sessions. You can adjust it at 90 degrees for a more fantastic posture when working. If you’re tired, taking a call, taking a nap you can adjust it up to 180 degrees. Plus, the Homall gaming chair has two adjustable soft pillows. The gentle soft lumbar pillow will help you maintain your natural curvature, reducing hips pain. 

Your comfort is taken care of. The soft and high-density shaping foam on the padding and backrest keeps you comfy for long gaming sessions. It does not sink too much. It compresses and regains its shape for better comfort. However, it feels more firm initially, but it gets softer with time.

Key Specifications

  • Size: 19.8″ (L) x 20.5″ (W)
  • Backrest dimension: 22.5 x 30.5 inch
  • Sitting height: 17.7-20.9 inch
  • locking mechanism 90-180 degrees
  • Load capacity 300lbs
  • Easy to set up with guided instructions
  • Comfortable gaming chair
  • Great value for the price
  • The lumbar support and head are adjustable
  • You get what you pay for

Autofull Bunny Chair: Funny and Comfy

Do you love the color pink? Or are you looking for a gaming chair that can perfectly support your back when working for long hours or extended gaming sessions? Autofull Bunny gaming chair is the best budget gaming chair which is cute, soft, sturdy, and super comfortable that is also a good option to consider.

Getting back pain may be a good reminder that you need to invest in a good gaming chair. I spend about 11 hours almost every day gaming and working, so I needed a good gaming chair that could support my back because it used to hurt a lot. Honestly, Bunny chair has been a life-changer for the one month I have tested it. It’s extremely comfortable, and the color pink looks adorable.

The cushions are very soft and squishy. But the lumbar pillow does not have straps to hold it in place. It can fall whenever you get up. What’s more, the Pu leather looks exceptionally fresh and breathable to sit on for long hours. In addition, you will also love bunny ears and the tail on the back, it’s cute, detachable, and so soft and fluffy. Plus, the seat comes with a bonus pink carpet, which is very easy to clean.

The armrests are height adjustable to keep your arms aligned with your desk height. You will also get the fuzzy covering on the armrests to support your elbows.

Overall, the pink gaming chair is perfect for its price, easy to install, the PU leather is soft, and the cushions, headrest, and lower back pillow are very comfortable. Read the full review here

Key features

  • Maximum recline angle 155 degrees and 25 degrees rocking
  • 2D Armrest(45 degrees)
  • 360 Swivel
  • Product Dimensions 22.4″D x 20.8″W x 50.8″H
  • 3-year warranty
  • The chair is super cute
  • Great gaming chair for the price
  • The chair is extremely comfy and well built
  • The material used is of high quality
  • The chair comes with more goodies like the mat
  • The fuzziness on the armrests make it get dirty really fast since it’s white, but it is removable and washable

Nouhaus Ergo3D Mesh: Best Budget ergonomic office chair

Don’t worry if racing style design is not your thing; we got you. You might consider a high-class ergonomic chair Nouhaus Ergo3D which will still keep you comfy while gaming. The chair is the epitome of comfort in all directions. At first, thanks to the breathable mesh, which regulates the airflow, especially when it gets hot. Also, the mesh gives your bum a floating feel when working or gaming for extended hours.

The other premium feature you will definitely like is exclusive of the 3D lumbar system. It hits and hugs your back at the right spot. Straightening and aligning your spine, thus reducing any pressure that might cause lower back pain. In addition, your head is taken care of. You can adjust the headrest up or down easily.

What’s more? The armrests are 4D. It can go up, down, rotate, side to side, making reaching your keyboard or mouse easier.

The recline tension is extra special. You can kick back freely at 130 degrees when taking a nap. Plus, it is very sturdy and supportive when taking breaks. This is because the strong aluminum at the base will even support a maximum weight of 275 Pounds. The smooth and silent rollerblade wheel offers greater stability because they are 4 in one.

Overall, if you are not too large and your budget is around $300. Get it!

Key Features

  • Recommended weight 275lbs
  • Product Dimensions ‎”26.4″ x “26.4” x 53.7 inches
  • 3-year base warranty, extendable upto five years
  • Recommended height 5’4″ – 6’1″
  • Armrest- 4D and coated with soft PU leather
  • The chair is exceptionally comfortable and does not squeak
  • An excellent ergonomic chair for the price
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Not a good choice for people over 300lbs and height of 5’7″ – 7’1″

AKracing Core Series: Best budget gaming chair

Most gaming chairs are upholstered with Pu leather, which wears out after a few years. However, this is not the case Akracing Core series. The seat is well clothed with 100% fabric. So undoubtedly, don’t expect to get sweaty in long gaming sessions. This is because it is more breathable and comfortable in a hot climate. Plus, thanks to the cold-cured foam at the padding. It retains its shape and structure, providing outstanding support and comfort.

The seat is also well built and sturdy. You can recline horizontally up to 180 degrees without tipping because the chair is a steel hand-welded frame supported with belts at the back. What’s more? The casters are firm and smooth. They are five-star casters coated with high-quality leather that moves smoothly and silently on various surfaces.

The adjustments give support as you deserve it because the armrests are 3D. Meaning you can position your arms in the direction that you want. You can rotate them at sides, up and down, or back and forth. On the other side, the seat is equipped with a standard adjustable tension mechanism which allows locking the chair for the perfect position.

The other big plus is the exclusive head and lumbar pillows. They ease your back pain because they posture and straighten your neck and spine. You also have a bonus in the variety of color options. You can get Black/red, Black/Blue, Black/Red, Carbon black. Read the full review here

Key Features

  • Seat Dimensions:Height: 5’3″ – 6’3″ | Back Height: 32.75″| | Back Width: 21.25″
  • Recommended weight 330lbs
  • Warranty Length: 5/10 years
  • Adjustable Tilt Angle: 3-18°
  • The seat is the best budget gaming chair
  • Very strong and comfy
  • High quality and well-designed gaming chair
  • Unlockable armrest

GT racing Ace M1:Best Budget gaming chair Big and Tall

Welcome to the space command gaming chair. Basically, I’ve spent many hours reviewing many ranging gaming chairs, from Secretlab chairs to best footrest gaming chairs, and I’ve done days of research before buying this chair. To sum everything up, you get what you pay for.

The overall design and quality are excellent. The clothed Pu leather feels premium. It is also breathable for long gaming sessions, and it feels super cool. Plus, the construction at the base is very sturdy and does not squeak in certain areas. It is a metal frame that welcomes your weight.

At the backrest, cushions, the Ace M1 is well upholstered with High-density Cold-cured foam which is highly comfortable, allowing you to apply your weight just enough to support it. Plus, the lumbar pillow is very comfy and firm. It will enable you to lift your back easily. What’s more, the head pillow also works nicely because it is perfectly positioned to support your back.

I love how the armrests are supportive and customizable. You can adjust them back and forth when using a mouse, outwards or inwards. But they are a few inches further, making it difficult for petite people to use this gaming chair.

Overall, this is a lovely chair with premium quality for much less than the competitor’s Secretlab. It is comfortable to use 8+ hours when gaming on weekends. It does not sag on the cushioning, has no discomfort for long hours, and has an excellent reclining function. You can lean way back without the fear of tipping over. Read the full review here

Key Features

  • Dimensions:27.56″D x 20.87″W x 51.18″H
  • Recommended weight: 330lbs
  • Recline: 90-170 degrees
  • 5-year warranty

DXRacer OH/RAA106:Affordable desk chair

You don’t have to buy the most expensive chairs like Heman miller chairs to feel comfortable actively, and the DXRacer is a testament to that. It is one of the sought out best affordable gaming chairs pioneered to keep you comfy all day.

The DXRacer is well constructed with a sturdy frame, good cushioning, and high-quality materials. At the base, the wheels are plastic but are pretty firm to hold your weight without breaking. Plus, the seat is metal and does not squeak at all. The material used is comfy, and the cushioning is excellent and soft.

The design is impressive. It hugs your body for more excellent posture and ergonomics because it is a bucket design. It also keeps you comfy when working for long hours.

Overall, the Dxracer is a great gaming chair with a bucket design to fit a small person. It is incredibly comfortable, whether it’s for a few-hour gaming session or for a full day working on the laptop. For the price, it is reasonably priced compared to the other gaming chairs.

Key Features

  • 90-135 reclining function
  • 200 pounds and height of 6 feet tall
  • 360 swivel, with tilt lock capability
  • Material: Cold mold shaping foam and leather covering
  • Comfortable for long hours
  • Great lumbar support
  • Premium material used
  • The seat is a reasonably priced, but it is worth every penny

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