Best GT Force gaming Chair For Hardcore Gamers 2023


GT Force Gaming Chair Review

Whether working at a desk or gaming, maintaining good posture is critical. If you have tried sitting for prolonged periods without a good chair, you are already a testament to the fatigue and back pain it can cause. The GT Force Pro FX gaming chair is an affordable chair that can help you maintain a healthy posture for prolonged periods. 

Suppose you take naps or need to rest in between working or gaming sessions. This seat is perfect for you because it has a great recliner and footrest combo that works. More on that later on in this unbiased GT Force gaming chair review.

To write this review, we acquired the chair from Amazon just like a regular buyer would. Therefore, we will bring you a completely unbiased review. We encompass all areas we deem essential for a gaming or work chair. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it. 

Features And Specifications

  • Maximum recommended weight: 330 lbs
  • It comes with a comfortable telescopic footrest
  • Material: Faux leather
  • High-density foam for durability and comfort
  • 4-way adjustable armrests
  • Dimensions: Backrest – 31.5” height x 21.5” width. 

GTForce Gaming Chair Comfort

At first glance, you cannot miss the racing style design of the chair with a body-hugging seat and back. The top material is faux leather, and if you get the chair in grey and black as we did, you will appreciate how subtle the design is. And how good the leather appears. 

Sitting on this chair is very refreshing. Assembling for me was quick, and I was done with it in 20 minutes. I could not wait to try out the chair seeing how exquisite it looked. And I must say the chair is quite impressive for the price. 

The high-density foam was quite cozy, and from what I could see, it will last for a long time. Further, it is not the type that deforms quickly, leaving you with a pancake on the seat with lumps everywhere. 

To ensure your back and neck are taken care of, the GT Force Pro gaming chair comes with adjustable and removable neck and lumbar pillows. The soft cushion pillows are correctly sized and offer outstanding support besides being cozy. However, if you do not need them, you can quickly get rid of them.

Generally, I can rate the comfort you will get from this seat as above average. However, if you are looking for superior comfort levels, consider a premium chair like the Secretlab Titan Softweave gaming chair.  

Telescopic Footrest Plus Recline For Total Comfort

There are instances when you want to lean back or lift your legs for comfort. The GTForce Pro offers you total customized comfort regardless of the position. The telescopic footrest is quite comfortable and right within your reach if you want to support your legs. I found it easy to use. It is also padded for comfort. 

I enjoyed a combination of the recline and footrest when resting or taking a nap. I work in my home office for 8 hours a day, and I do not leave the office unless I have accomplished what I have planned for the day. However, I allow myself short breaks between the work period where I can take a walk or nap a little. Kicking back with the backrest inclined at 160 degrees and the footrest out was heavenly for me. 

Adjustability And Ergonomics

The GTForce Pro Fx gaming chair is highly adjustable. First, the recline function is what you would expect in premium chairs. It can go back up to 170 degrees which is almost horizontal. 

You can also adjust the chair’s height so that it is just where you need it. The gas lift mechanism is pretty easy to use. The only downside with the pneumatics of this mechanism is that it cannot hold the position for very long as it happens with other chairs. 

Typically, chairs with an excellent pneumatic gas lift system can maintain your weight for days, even more than a week, without requiring you to adjust the height. With this chair, you have to adjust the height regularly. However, this is not a deal-breaker for me. 

The GTForce Pro gaming chair casters with recline are genuinely made for movement. You can easily move around regardless of the type of floor you have. What’s more? These casters are coated with soft rubber, and therefore they move smoothly on any floor. The alloy style design of the casters is reminiscent of how well these casters move. 

4-way Adjustable Armrests

GTforce pro fx gaming chair 2D adjustable armrest

Your elbows are not forgotten. The GT Force Pro with footrest comes with 2D adjustable armrests. Yes, they are not 4D adjustable like what you will find on GT Omega Pro or similarly priced GTracing Ace S1 chair, but they are functional. 

You can adjust the armrests up and down or rotate them right to left until you find the perfect position for your elbows. That is not all; the armrests are big enough for even the large arms and are padded for extra comfort. However, the padding on the armrests is not very generous and is not memory foam. 

  • Comes with a great tilt and lift mechanism
  • Comes with adjustable and removable neck and lumbar pillows
  • Highly adjustable to get your perfect comfort 
  • Good value for money
  • Not available in fabric material

2023 GT Force Gaming Chair Review Final Verdict

The GTForce Pro FX gaming chair is made with your comfort and budget in mind. It is a quality gaming chair made of quality materials. The frame is metallic and ergonomically designed to ensure proper support for your body. The frame is covered with high-density foam and faux leather on the top to ensure you are cozy. 

We highly recommend the GT Force gaming chairs if you want a quality gaming chair with essential features without paying a small fortune. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GT Force Gaming Chair comfortable for long gaming sessions?

Comfort is a top priority for gamers, and the GT Force Gaming Chair delivers. With high-density foam padding and a breathable fabric or leather cover, this chair provides comfort even during long gaming sessions.

How adjustable is the GT Force Gaming Chair, and can it accommodate different body types?

The GT Force Gaming Chair is highly adjustable, allowing for customization to fit a variety of body types. The seat height, armrests, and lumbar support can all be adjusted to ensure the perfect fit and optimal comfort.