Birdrock Floor Gaming Chair Review 2023

BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair

Usually, most people buy conventional gaming chairs like SecretLab Titan SoftWeave to use behind a desk. But these chairs do not typically fit in a living room situation when you have to game in front using a console and TV. A floor gaming chair like the Birdrock floor gaming chair is ideal for you in the living room. 

The Birdrock floor gaming chair, unlike the conventional racing style chairs, will subtly fit in any living room situation due to its design. A racing-style gaming chair can stand out like a sore thumb in a living room and might make you feel awkward. What’s more, the Birdrock floor chair is easy to store away when you do not need it. You can just lay it completely flat and store it under a bed or couch. 

Admittedly, the Birdrock gaming chair is one of the most versatile gaming chairs you can invest in. It can be used in the living room while gaming, watching movies, reading, meditating, or relaxing. Also, the chair can be used by children while playing, reading, or coloring a book. That is not all. It can provide extra seating space when you are entertaining guests. 

Features And Specifications

  • Adjustable in fourteen different positions
  • Provides great back support
  • Soft plush cover fabric
  • Padded with comfy memory foam
  • Dimensions on 90 degree position: 19” width x 23” depth x 22.5” height
  • Material: plush, breathable polyester blend
  • Colors: blue, brown, eggplant, grey, and orange

Comfort For Back Support

I found the Birdrock home adjustable memory foam chair quite comfortable to use. The chair is heavily padded on the seat and backrest with chopped memory foam material. The 6.1-inch thick padding is comfortable even for heavy users. You will not feel the chair’s frame or feel like you were seated on the floor with this chair. 

The backrest is also generously padded and offers good support for your back. The memory foam padding on the seat and back conforms to your body shape for good support in every sitting position. 

The cover material is soft and fluffy and feels excellent when enveloping your body. The chair is designed for use on the floor on its own. Therefore it doesn’t need to be supported behind a chair. Therefore, you can enjoy comfort anywhere in your house as needed. 

Adjustability And Ergonomics

The Birdrock home adjustable gaming chair allowed 14 different backrest positions. This high adjustability allowed me to use the chair in different positions depending on what I was doing. I could sit upright at 90 degrees when gaming, recline back to my favorite position, or even lay flat when taking a nap. 

There is no locking feature on the chair, but it locks itself in position when adjusting to the different backrest positions. However, the backrest might keep readjusting for heavy users, but it was alright, and I weighed 170lbs. The maximum recommended weight for the chair is 175 lbs. 

The Birdrock home floor chair does not have armrests. And therefore, it can be a turnoff for people that prefer chairs with armrests when gaming. However, it offers you full mobility when gaming and is more comfortable than gaming on a sofa.

Build Material

This Birdrock floor gaming chair review cannot be complete without discussing the material. I loved the cover material used on this chair. It is elegant, fluffy, and cozy. Thus Invite you to enjoy the chair every time you look at it. 

The chair is a relief to sit on for prolonged periods because the material is breathable compared to PU leather material which gets warm and can make you sweat on prolonged use. The fabric used on this chair keeps you comfortable, just like you were on your couch. 

Taking care of the chair is also very easy because the fabric is easy to clean. What’s more, it is made of a blend of polyester, which is very durable. The color on the material does not fade because it is embedded into the grains of the material. Therefore, you will enjoy the looks of the Birdrock gaming chair for a long time.  

Back Support

The Birdrock memory foam floor chair offers good support for your back when seated on it. However, the chair does not come with integrated lumbar headrest pillows that offer more support for your back and neck. However, you can add a lumbar cushion if you prefer to have one. 

The seat is wide enough for all users, and the interior frame keeps you properly grounded when using the seat. However, the chair lacks armrests that can support your elbows when gaming. 

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Very easy to store
  • Heavily padded on the seat and back
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Highly affordable
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • It doesn’t have armrests
  • The backrest can only go to shoulder level for tall users

Final Verdict

The Birdrock floor gaming chair is great if you want a versatile chair that does not cost a lot of money. The seat is accessible to store when you want it out of the way and practical in your house. The memory foam conforms to your body structure for comfort, and the backrest stays put if you are not too heavy. 

We recommend the Birdrock home adjustable floor gaming chair for all gamers who want a floor chair. However, consider the Moon Pod bean bag chair if you are looking for an even more comfortable floor gaming chair inspired by floating therapy. But expect to pay a premium price. 

For people with back pain getting on and off a chair on the floor can be problematic. This is because you have to go all the way down. However, it is a great multi-purpose chair that is highly comfortable and provides decent support for your back.