DXRacer Gaming Chairs Review 2023


Research has shown that people only buy from brands they know and trust. This is why big brands spend millions of dollars on marketing and advertising. When it comes to gaming chairs, not many manufacturers are known widely. A few, like DXRacer gaming chairs, SecretLab, Noblechairs, and GTRacing are known globally for quality. 

Not everyone needs a gaming chair or ergonomic office chair. These are specialty items for professionals that spend many hours behind a desk working or gaming. Programmers, YouTubers, Streamers, Podcasters, and other professionals benefit significantly from gaming chairs.

About DX Racer – A Brief Introduction

The company started way back in 2001 as a manufacturer of luxurious car seats for sports cars. If you have been inside a luxurious sports car, you know how comfy and high-end the seats can be. The seats are the most important of anything else in the car’s interior. And DX Racer ensured its clients of these luxuries. 

From the experience of manufacturing those chairs, DX started manufacturing gaming chairs in 2006. Years were spent in research and development. Leading to a wide selection of gaming and office chairs with refined racing-style design. 

The DX Racer is world-renowned. And has sold millions of chairs all over the globe since its inception, to this very day. The DX Racer brand has been led by its core values of quality and design. 

We have reviewed many DX Racer and its evident that it takes its job seriously. Their chairs are made using high-quality materials and maintain very high standards. 

Are DXRacer gaming chairs Worth it? 

Yes, they are worth it. DX chairs are amongst the best you will find in the market today. As mentioned earlier, they manufacture using high-quality materials and following strict quality standard guidelines. 

So why do we say these chairs are worth it? Here are some of the aspects of DXRacer gaming chairs that make us rate them very highly;


The company offers a warranty of not less than two years on their products. Even after years of consistent use, most users still record the condition of their DXRacer gaming chairs as still new. 

Posture And Ergonomics

Many gaming chair brands slap a label on chairs manufactured in China and sell them as made in the US or UK. However, DX Racer innovates and comes up with its gaming chairs. 

To prove this to you, they are known for the world’s first modular gaming chair, the DM 1200 gaming chair. This chair can be further enhanced by attaching a Laptop stand and other essentials. 


If you sit for long, you know how important it is to have a chair you can customize to your needs. DX Racer takes customization to the next level. You can adjust the backrest to an almost horizontal position in some of their chairs.

The armrests are also adjustable, with some of the chairs having 4D adjustable armrests. These armrests allow you to change the positions so that your elbows get the support they need. 

You also get height adjustability through a state-of-the-art gas lift mechanism. It is smooth and quiet. In addation all racing-style comes with casters and a 360 swivel mechanism to make movement easy.

Seat Cushion

DX Racer features a heavily padded cushion made from high-density foam. The firmness of the cushion ensures you do not sink into the seat, which can cause slouching and improper posture. 

The DX Racer also features different designs and segmentation on the seat and backrest. The raised V-shape on some of the cushions helps your pelvis in the back region of the cushion to maintain proper posture.  

How much does a DX Racer cost?

The costs depend on the features you are getting with the chair. Some seats are feature-packed and intended for people who sit for 6 hours daily. Such seats are also made using premium materials and fabrics to ensure you get the best experience from the chair. 

Other are designed for beginner gamers and people on a budget. These chairs are usually affordable and not as feature-packed as the premium. However, they offer outstanding value for money compared to other brands in the same price range. 

Where are Dxracer gaming chairs made? 

Most of the work in research and development happens in Michigan. However, DX Racer is a global company with manufacturing factories strategically located in different regions worldwide. 

Types of DX Racer Gaming Chairs

  • Prince Series
  • King Series
  • Tank Series
  • Formula Series
  • Racing Series
  • Pink Paw Series
  • Air Series
  • Craft Series
  • Master Series