DXRacer DM1200 Gaming Chair Review


When buying a high-end gaming chair, you want something unique and lasting. Unfortunately, most of the high-end gaming chair designs are overplayed and repetitive. The DXRacer DM1200 gaming chair takes a different approach from all the others. The manufacturer went out of its way to think of something different.

The DXRacer master DMC/DM 1200/ C gaming chair is made so that you can change the backrest when old. Or even opt for meshed backrest if you do not want the upholstered.

DXRacer DMC/DM1200 Gaming Chair, Black, Maroon, Brown

When you think of uniqueness when buying a gaming chair, think of the DXRacer master DM 1200 gaming chair. The chair has the racing style design but without the outrageous side wings, preposterous seat belts, and bold color combinations. 

However, the DXRacer master DM1200 is not a limiting gaming chair. On the contrary, the chair is designed to allow you to add modular parts. Like a laptop holder, footrest, cup holder, and others to create your fully customized gaming throne or work desk. 

We tested the DM1200 to bring you this unbiased DXRacer gaming chair review.


Features and Specifications

  • Maximum recommended weight: 353 lbs
  • Maximum recommended height: 6’6″
  • Cover material: microfiber leather 
  • Backrest recline: 155 degrees
  • Velcro attached backrest and seat cushions for easy removal and replacement
  • Subtle design with an elegant look 
  • Aluminum base and metal frame for the great support
  • Integrated lumbar support and headrest


The DXRacer DM 1200 gaming chair is a high-end gaming chair. It would be natural that you have high expectations for the chair when it comes to comfort matters. And this gaming chair doesn’t disappoint. It is exceptionally comfortable and a pleasure to sit on. 

I used the chair daily for a whole month. Working 6 to 8 hours each day, I cannot recall any day through that month when I was fatigued from sitting. This chair is highly customizable and allows me to get the perfect sitting position each time. 

The backrest and seat are padded with memory foam. This foam conforms to your body and sitting position to ensure comfort. That is not all. You get an integrated headrest that ensures your neck and head are relaxed. I have seen many headrests. But none like this one because it is filled with gel memory foam that is soft to lean on. 

The good thing about this modular gaming chair is that you will continue enjoying the same level of comfort you have been used to for years. Because you only have to change the seat’s backrest when they wear out. This is a significant advantage over other high-end gaming chairs. Like the Secretlab Omega and Noble chairs Hero Black Edition gaming chairs. 

The cover material is microfiber leather. And the chair is available in different colors that ensure an elegant look for your office or gaming station, unlike standard PU leather that you will find in cheaper chairs. The microfiber leather you get here is breathable and comfortable even in prolonged use.

Adjustability and ergonomics

DXRacer DM1200 gaming chair

The chair is impressive when it comes to matters of adjustability. The start with the armrests is 4D adjustable, allowing you to change the height, move them back and forth, rotate them in or out and adjust the width. That is not all. They are also padded with soft rubber making them easy on your elbows. 

Next, the backrest reclines down to what the manufacturer says is 155 degrees. However, the angle appears to be much broader than that. When it is fully reclined, it feels almost horizontal to me. You can also lock the chair in place when you find the perfect recline angle or rock back and forth. 

The DXRacer gaming chair is also height adjustable with a superior gas lift mechanism. That is smooth and easy to operate. There are also two levers on both sides of the seat—one to adjust the height, while the other locks the chair at your preferred height level. 

Removable Seat And Backrest

One feature worth mentioning about the DXracer Master DM1200 gaming chair is its removable and replaceable seat and backrest cushions. You can strip down the chair to its skeleton by removing the backrest and seat cushions attached by Velcro to the sturdy metallic frame. 

With this feature, you can change the color of the gaming chair to suit your personality for that day or the task you are undertaking. How about the elegant black or brown finish when you are in a meeting and the playful maroon or green when going through gaming sessions.  That is not all; when the cushions wear out, you can change them with brand new ones to continue enjoying the same comfort you are used to.

Adjustable, Integrated Lumbar Support And Headrest

Removing the backrest cushion reveals the metal frame and integrated lumbar mechanism. The lumbar mechanism is controlled through a knob located on the side of the chair akin to what is present in Secretlab Titan gaming chairs. 

However, you get more personalization with the modular gaming chair because you can adjust the lumbar support position. If you need it a bit higher or lower, remove the backrest and modify it to be right where you want it. 

The headrest is also unique and not what you are used to seeing in other gaming chairs. The DXracer dm1200 gaming chair comes with a headrest sitting on rails. This allows you to move it up or down until it is in the correct position. 

  • Highly customizable with extra parts
  • Extremely sturdy and comfortable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Removable and replaceable seat and back
  • The headrest is not all that adjustable

Final Verdict

The DXracer master DM1200 gaming chair is not your usual gaming chair. Consider this the swiss army knife of gaming chairs. You can get the extra parts like the footrest, Bluetooth headrest, cup holder, or rotating bracket to hold your laptop and phone.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to splurge or you want a functional gaming chair. The DXracer DM 1200 gaming chair is made with your needs in mind. It is suitable for even the heavy and tall guys, and we recommend it for anyone that wants a chair they can grow with.