Epic Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team 2021

Purportedly developed in collaboration with the Mercedes AMG F1 Team, the Noble Chairs Epic Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs of 2021. The name (Noble Chairs Epic Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team 2021) is a mouthful, but this chair brings so much more to the game than that. 

Epic Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team 2021
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team

The collaboration between the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team and The Noble gaming chairs company led to producing a limited edition, high-quality gaming chair. Not so surprisingly, the chair comes with all the features you would expect from such a collaboration. 

Seemingly, the Petronas F1 team gaming chair is like other chairs in the Epic series of noble chairs. The chair comes in similar colors to the other chairs in the epic series, including black, Java, and white. Further, it is made using a blend of the same materials used to make the models in the epic series. That is PU, genuine leather, and hybrid leather materials. 

So what more does this gaming chair bring to the table? Read on to discover more. 

Features of the Mercedes AMG Petronas Gaming Chair

  • Recently developed hybrid leather with micro-pores for breathability
  • Upholstered 4D armrests
  • Large, silent nylon covered casters
  • Robust 5-point machined aluminum base
  • Premium carbon effect side bolsters
  • First class tilt and rocking mechanism
  • High-tech deform resistant cold foam
  • Head and lumbar support pillows for added comfort

Large upholstered 4D armrests

The Mercedes AMG Petronas chair comes with large armrests that are comfortable even for big arms. To enhance your comfort, the armrests are upholstered with comfortable memory foam. Also, breathable cover materials are used for the rest of the chair. 

To meet the needs of every gamer out there, the armrests are adjustable in four different directions. This way, you can place the armrests at the exact position that best suits your posture. With these large and highly adjustable armrests, you can maintain your upper body posture and keep your strength as you game or work. 

Exceptional adjustability

The Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team 2021 gaming chair comes with a myriad of adjustability options. Besides the durable gas lift mechanism that allows for height adjustment, the gaming chair also has a tilt and lock mechanism to ensure comfort. 

The tilt mechanism allows you to lower the entire backrest by 11 degrees. And the rocking mechanism maintains your weight as you enjoy gaming in the tilted position.

The Mercedes AMG Petronas chair presents the optimum seating position for any occupant. 

Premium materials for ultimate comfort

The Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team gaming chair is made using high-end materials for an elegant-looking chair and a comfortable seating experience.  The cover material for the chair is vegan-friendly leather but not the usual. This is a specially designed hybrid leather with micropores that enhance breathability.  The result is you enjoying your seat for long hours, whether you are gaming or working at a desk. 

The material is also designed to prevent sticking and causing any discomfort no matter how long you sit. That is not all. The material is also made for durability. It is tough, UV-fade resistant, abrasion-resistant, and made to last. The Epic Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team gaming chair looks elegant and maintains the looks for many years to come. All of this while delivering exceptional comfort. 

The seat and the backrest are lined with deformation-resistant cold foam with a high density. This foam is super comfortable when you sit and doesn’t give in easily. Therefore, it maintains your comfort for many years to come. The cold foam is also breathable ensuring your comfort even for long sitting hours. 

Durable all-steel chair frame

The frame of the seat is made of first-grade and durable steel.

The all-steel frame is strong and forms an excellent foundation to support the maximum weight of 265lbs. Even after intensive use for many years, the Mercedes Amg Petronas chair doesn’t creak and make displeasing noises. 

You can continue to enjoy the proper ergonomics and ultimate seating comfort because the frame is made to remain solid and intact for a long. Once you experience the kingly seating experience of the Mercedes AMG Petronas gaming chair. It becomes impossible to enjoy any other seat. 

Meticulous attention to detail

Every part of the Mercedes amg petronas gaming chair calls for your attention. The iconic Petronas green stitching on black leather screams elegance while bringing out the racy F1 feeling of the gaming chair. 

The silver, carbon fiber-inspired belt pass-throughs stand out against the black leather and add to the style of the seat. These silver harness holes match perfectly with the five-point aluminum base that is machined for a solid experience. 

On the headrest, the understated Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team logo stares you right in the eye. And immediately the style and elegance of the chair come to mind.  That is no all, the casters at the bottom have a green ring matching the stitching of the Petronas logo colors. From top to bottom, the chair is made with a lot of attention to enhance the style and design of the chair. 

Solid support for perfect ergonomics

The Mercedes Amg gaming chair has a machined 5-point aluminum base that easily holds and distributes your weight. Whether you are leaning, rocking, or seated straight. This chair is solid enough to ensure you are comfortable as you game or work. 

The casters are wide at 60mm, making the seat comfortable even for big people. They also make it easier to move on any floor you have. Speaking of floors, these casters do not cause damage even to sensitive floors because they are coated using nylon. The movement of the casters is silent and smooth just like a cruise in a Mercedes AMG vehicle. 

Final Verdict

The Epic Mercedes Amg Petronas F1 team 2021 gaming chair is made with ultimate comfort, durability, ergonomics, and usability in mind.

Get your F1-inspired gaming throne today and experience comfort and ergonomics like never before.