10 Floating shelves ideas for decorating


When it comes to bringing an eye-catching style into your home, decorating floating shelves may be fun and exciting. That is why we decided to compile the best-floating shelves ideas for decoration that will add visual appeal to your home. Here are some decorating ideas for floating shelves that will help you add a fun and dazzling look to your bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, and small room areas.

Display Books:

One of the ways you can bring your character and personality to your bookshelf is display and organizing your favorite books on a floating shelf. For example, you can arrange books on the floating bookshelf in a specific way. You can sort them by color, size, and genre. Following such a structure will make it easier for you to find a specific book while also adding a visually appealing appearance to the bookshelf.

The other way I find it functional and visually interesting is by stacking books in different sizes and shapes. For instance, you can organize smaller books horizontally while the bigger books vertically to create depth and texture.

Decorate plants ideas on floating shelves

Plants are a great way to add a natural vibe to your home. You can get this type of natural vibe in your home by mixing different types of plants on your bookshelf. For instance pathos, spider plants, air plants, small cacti, and snake plants are the most beautiful plants that will add a natural atmosphere to your display. This types of plant bring beauty to your home and also has the ability to thrive in minimal watering and moderate light conditions.

Artwork:  Floating shelves ideas decorating

Another method to decorate your home and show off all of your amazing collections is to display and add the artwork to a floating bookshelf. You can achieve this visual and interesting look on your floating shelves by choosing the right artwork that will complement your color theme. Also choosing the perfect fit frame artwork. In addition, to spotlight your gorgeous visual artwork, you can light up your home with a variety of lighting.


To create a visual and interesting in your home display you can add objects such as figurines, vases, sculptures, etc. Knick-knacks are perfect and bring an eye-catching to your display if you place them in perfect height and shape.

Bathroom decorating ideas

Another place you decorate a floating shelf is the bathroom. Use the shelf to organize your towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials. When decorating a bathroom it is important to keep in mind that you choose moisture resistance items. And finally, you should note that when building a floating shelf you should place it at a height that is easily accessible for your essentials.

Wine rank:

Do you want to create a stylish atmosphere and spotlight all your wine in your home? Then, use floating shelves as a display system for all your collections. When you position and choose a sturdy floating shelf, you can easily place all wine bottles in an accessible and cool spot. However, you will need stoppers or holders that will prevent the bottles from sliding or rolling off.

Use the gallery wall in your room:

When you build multiple shelves you can create a beautiful galley effect in your bedroom, living room, or office. To create this type of eye-catching on your wall, group the photographs or artwork and place them on the floating shelves. You can also try mixing photo frames of different sizes and colors on your shelves to create a more visually interesting display.

Consider the space:

When decorating a floating consider a good place where the shelve will be. It can be in the corner, kitchen, bedroom, or office. Deciding the perfect place will help you know the type of objects to decorate. For instance, if you decorating your floating in a small space consider placing fewer objects and keeping the color palette neutral. In a large space, you can try balancing a bolder and more electric display

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