GTracing Ace S1 Series Review 2023

The GTracing Ace S1 gaming chair is the pinnacle of comfort and value for money in a gaming chair. The Ace S1 series is different from other GTracing gaming chairs because it reflects meticulous attention to quality and design. This GTracing ace review highlights essential aspects of this gaming chair that set it apart from the rest. 

Most gaming chairs in the market cost several hundred dollars, some even $1,000. That is a premium price to pay for comfort. Although for most people spending more means they are getting better quality, to some extent, that might be true. 

GTracing is constantly innovating and reverse engineering chairs that cost a fortune to bring you the same comfort level at highly affordable prices. Furthermore, the Ace S1 model is a testament that you do not have to pay through the nose to get a great gaming chair. Read on until the end of this GTRacing Ace review, and this will eventually be clear to you.

GTRacing Ace S1 Series Specifications and features

  • A variety of colors to choose from, including gray, blue, black/white, and blue/black.
  • 4D adjustable armrests. 
  • 90 – 160 degrees backrest tilt with lock
  • Chair height is 49.2” to 53.5.”
  • Suitable for: 290 pounds, 5’3” to 5’11” users
  • Five years warranty

Comfort and Luxury Without Fatigue

An excellent gaming chair is, of course, one that enables you to remain seated for long without fatigue. Some GTRacing gaming chairs are considered a bit firm and can get uncomfortable after several hours of sitting. 

This is not the case with the GTracing Ace S1 series gaming chair. It uses integrated high-density foam that provides a more comfortable sitting experience. 

The Ace S1 gaming chair is covered in a breathable high-quality fabric. The fabric keeps you cool even after long hours of sitting and envelopes your body in soft dreamable comfort.

Detachable Neck And Lumbar Included for Back Support

To further enhance your seating experience, the GTRacing S1 model comes with a detachable neck and lumbar pillows. The lumbar pillow is large enough to ensure it stays intact to offer you the desired support on your lower back. On the other side, the neck pillow is just the right size and in the right spot. To hold your head in place without any discomfort. 

This chair impressed us with the level of comfort that it provides. I used it for 6 hours of gaming without any discomfort or fatigue. There aren’t many features missing with this chair that can make you feel like you are seated on a less than $200 chair. 

Adjustability and Ergonomics for Long Working Hours

The ergonomics on the Ace S1 model are impressive for the price. I was particularly impressed by the armrests and backrest tilt. The armrests come with a highly 4D adjustability that allows you to move the arms around four different axes. 

You can adjust the armrests up and down, in or out, backward or forwards, and swivel them around until they are right where you need them. The 4D armrests are made to last, and the system is easy to use. They are also enlarged, and I found them highly comfortable for my elbows. 

The other impressive feature worth mentioning here is the backrest tilt and recline. The backrest can recline up to 160 degrees back. You can lock or unlock it when in position to enjoy the rocking function. These are premium features lacking in most other chairs in the same price range.

GTRacing Ace S1 review: Superior support system

This GTracing gaming chair review would not be complete without mentioning the support offered by the Ace S1 gaming chair. This gaming chair is recommended for up to 290lbs / 132 kg users. Although this is not as much as the Secretlab Titan and Titan XL can support, it is still a lot of weight. 

It comes with an upgraded metal base to ensure the chair stays stable and does not squeak. The base is made of quality anodized aluminum, which is solid and sturdy. 

Further, the support of the base is enhanced by the five-point system with metal casters covered with PU material. The casters move with ease, silently, and without causing damage to your floor. 

The frame of the GTRacing S1 Ace Series seats is made of steel. Therefore, it is strong and can offer you the support you need for prolonged periods, regardless of your sitting position. The chair, however, is lightweight and easy to move around. 

The height adjustment mechanism is like what you would get on an expensive gaming chair. The Ace S1 uses a class 3 gas lift mechanism that is efficient and long-lasting. 

What we like
  • The chair is comfortable and easy to assemble
  • The quality of the chair is decent for the price
  • The outer fabric is decent quality; not soft like silk, but breathable for its purposes
  • The chair come with five year warranty which is awesome.
  • Its so easy to customize how the chair sits withh different moving parts
What we do not like
  • The seat is stiff in the begining but as time goes the chair gets comfy to sit on.
  • Some of the parts feel cheap but the chair itself feel comfortable
  • The chair does not have leg rest

Final Verdict

The GTracing Ace gaming chair has achieved what many other gaming chairs fail to achieve; providing a high-quality chair with premium features at an affordable price. This GTracing Ace S1 series review has highlighted some of the best features of this gaming chair available only in the most expensive gaming chairs. 

For a music-oriented gaming chair, consider the GTracing GT890MF music series gaming chairs with immersive Bluetooth speakers. The GT099 gaming chair, on the other hand, is the right chair if you want a simple gaming chair without all the bells and whistles available in the other chairs. 

After testing the GT Racing Ace S1 series gaming chair for several months, I have been able to discover the best cheap gaming chair on the market. It doesn’t squeak or feel cheap. It has premium features, and the build quality is excellent for the price. Although the chair might feel different in quality from the Secretlab Omega that it takes cues from, it doesn’t feel cheap. We highly recommend this gaming chair for advanced gamers that are on a budget.