GTRacing GT890MF Music Series Review 2023

Are you in the market looking for a gaming chair with audio? If that is you right now, then the GTRacing GT890MF Music Series is a chair you should consider. GTRacing is a popular gaming chair brand when it comes to manufacturing practical and affordable gaming chairs. In this GTRacing GT890MF Music Series review, we put the GT890MF through our tests to see whether the chair really holds up or you are wasting your money. 

GTracing has been known to reverse engineer some of the luxurious gaming chairs in the market to come up with their own affordable and practical gaming chairs. Their chairs are ideal for people on a budget and beginner gamers looking to get a professional chair without spending too much. 

This GTRacing GT890MF Music Series review dissects the GT890MF through important aspects of a gaming chair like comfort, ergonomics, adjustability, quality, and design. Let us get down to it. 

Specifications and features

  • 3D adjustable armrests
  • Premium PU leather cover material
  • Maximum height 132cm
  • Recommended maximum weight 300lbs / 136 kg
  • In-built 6 hours bluetooth speakers
  • Recommended height 5’4” – 6’1”

GT890MF Music Series Gaming Chair Quality

The quality of a gaming chair answers the question as to whether you are getting value for your money. The quality can be considered in so many ways when it comes to a gaming chair.  The first thing I noticed about the GT890MF chair is that the frame is made of durable steel which is a good thing. 

Steel is strong so it can hold your weight with ease and keep you stable even when you are leaning back on the backrest without squeaking or breaking as it happens with plastic frames. The first impression I got when sitting on the chair is that it is sturdy and firm. It made me feel secure. 

Another factor that we can consider when it comes to quality is the foam used on the gaming chair. This GT890MF review would not be complete without mentioning the foam used. The foam is dense and of high quality. When you sit on the bucket seat of the chair, the foam easily conforms to your body and gets back to normal when you get off the chair. 

The foam used on the seat cannot be certified as memory foam but it is dense and behaves just like memory foam does. It doesn’t get easily deformed which means the chair will continue offering you support and comfort for a long time. 

The PU leather used on the chair is of high quality and ties everything up nicely. Some users complain of stickiness and sweat when using PU leather gaming chairs, especially when seated for long. However, we found out that these are not problems with the GT890MF gaming chair. The chair remained comfortable even after several hours of use. What’s more the material looks tough and durable so it will take time before it wears out. 

In terms of quality, affordability, and features, this game chair is right up there with the Smax Massager Gamer that we have tested and reviewed before.

Adjustability and Ergonomics

The dream of any professional gamer or someone who works at a desk all day is to find a chair that is perfect for their body and working position. Usually, it is difficult to be seated the whole day in only one position. As such, it is important to have a chair that is highly adjustable and gives you the freedom to relax or lay back when you need to. 

For this GTRacing gt890mf music series review, we checked the adjustability of the chair and how it holds up when it comes to ergonomics. You can adjust the height of the chair by about four inches using the SGS-certified gas lift mechanism. It is not much compared to other premium chairs that allow over 10 inches of height adjustment but we did not have any trouble getting the chair level with our monitors. 

The backrest recline is also very impressive. I really liked that you can tilt the chair back to about 150 degrees which is almost totally horizontal. This is ideal if you want to take a quick nap on the seat or just relax. 

The armrests are 3D adjustable. I know this is not like the hyped 4D armrest adjustability but it is enough for most people. The armrests can be moved up and down or left and right to suit your needs. The armrests are padded to ensure comfort. 

Footrest and extra cushions

I cannot forget the integrated footrests, another premium feature included in this affordable GTracing gaming chair. The retractable footrests are sturdy for any weight and make taking naps on the GT890MF a dream. Whether you are kicking back to listen to music or you want to rest, these footrests relieve fatigue quickly. 

To further ensure you are comfortable, the GTracing gt890mf comes with removable lumbar and headrest pillows. The pillows are detachable giving you the freedom to only use them when you need them. The pillows are softer than the foam used on the chair so they offer extra support without being too hard. 

Immersive Bluetooth speakers

This GTracing GT890MF music series review cannot be complete without mentioning the speakers on the chair. The Bluetooth speakers give you 6 continuous hours of audio which is quite impressive. You will not be distracted every now and then to charge the speakers. 

Although the charging system is a bit cranky, the speakers are quite immersive. They are strategically positioned at almost shoulder-length on the backrest of the chair. The sound produced therefore easily gets to your ears on both sides to totally immerse you into your gaming or music. 

That is not all, the sound quality from the speakers is impressive. The sound lacks bass, the kind that you can get from external gaming computers or soundbars. It is more like the sound that comes from headphones. However, if you are looking for a sound to get immersed in your gaming (without using headphones, earphones, or earbuds) you will surely enjoy the stereo sound from these speakers. 

The GT890MF gaming chairs are available in a variety of color combinations including blue and black, white and black, pink and white, purple and black, black and gray, and finally the famous red and black. The red and black combination resembles that of the GTracing GT099 gaming chair which is another favorite chair from the GTRacing brand.

What we like
  • Available in many different color options
  • Highly adjustable for comfort
  • Long lasting bluetooth speakers for immersive sounds
  • Added pillows for extra comfort
What we don’t like
  • Not suitable for big and tall users
  • Chair can squeak if not properly assembled

Final Verdict

If you are a beginner gamer or looking for a quality chair that will serve you well without breaking the bank, consider the GTracing GT890MF gaming chair. It comes with speakers for immersive sound and retractable footrests. Even if you do not need these extras, the chair is worth the price. For big users, consider a more expensive chair like the Secretlab titan chair that will serve you really well.