GTRacing GT901 Gaming Chair Review 2023

GTRacing GT901 White
GTRacing GT901 White with Footrest

If you are someone who likes to kick back while gaming or after long work then, the GTRacing GT901 gaming chair from their footrest series will be heaven-sent for you. It comes with a functional, quality, and retractable footrest which is unavailable in many chairs at a similar price point. 

However, GT901 brings more than just a footrest to the table. We purchased the GT901 chair and tested it out for ourselves to bring you the results in this GTracing footrest series review. 

With over 7000 reviews on Amazon culminating in a 4.3 overall star rating. You can rest assured that the GTRacing GT901 gaming chair is good value for money. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the nitty-gritty of why you should or should not consider this gaming chair.

Features and Specifications

  • Backrest recline: 90 degrees to 170 degrees
  • Recommended maximum weight: 300pounds
  • Dimensions: 20.47” Length x 21.26” Width x 48.8” – 52” Height
  • Material: Bonded leather
  • Height adjustable armrests
  • Retractable footrest

Comfort Level

I enjoyed using the GT901 gaming chair because of how comfortable it feels. The seat and backrest are generously padded with foam. It is not the high-density cold-cured memory foam available in other high-end chairs, but it is comfortable and lasts long, even with prolonged use.

The metal frame that holds the entire chair together is ergonomically designed to ensure your tailbone is comfortable even after sitting for an entire day. Most other chairs in the same price range as the GT901 wrinkles easily after several weeks of use. However, the GT901 gaming chair is different. 

The cover material is snug, and the stitching is professionally done to ensure the seat doesn’t wrinkle. To further ensure your comfort, the chair comes with head and lumbar pillows. The pillows are also covered with the same bonded leather material as the rest of the chair. 

Adjustability and ergonomics

GT901 Black
GTRacing GT901 Black

The GT901 gaming chair is highly adjustable to ensure you enjoy top levels of customized ergonomics. The first feature that I really enjoyed was the recline angle of 170 degrees. You can lock the recline at any position where it feels comfortable for you. 

Then, there is the rocking mechanism that comes with a tilt adjustment function. With the tilt adjustment, I was able to adjust the force needed to rock the chair or recline it. 

The armrests on the GT901 footrest series are only height adjustable. This is quite limiting compared to 3D and 4D adjustability available in high-end gaming chairs. Further, the armrests are all plastic and appear cheap. The mechanism, however, works great to adjust the height of the armrests. 

If you want armrests with the 4D level of adjustability without paying a premium price, GTRacing has you covered with the Ace S1 series. However, you do not get the footrest with that one.

At the base of the chair are quiet. 2.5-inch wide casters that allow for easy movement on almost all types of floors and 360 degrees swivel. 

Build quality

GTRacing GT901 Black

I found that the build quality of the GTRacing GT901 gaming chair meets my expectations. The cover material is soft PU leather which looks elegant, especially in the all-black version. 

The chair is made using a steel frame. However, you will find more plastic parts on the GT901 as compared to other higher-end gaming chairs.  That is not all. The tilt function, gas lift, and recline functions work very smoothly and quietly. 

With a chair that can recline to an almost horizontal position, balance is key. Thanks to the five-point base on the chair. Although the base looks cheap compared to the aluminum bases in other higher-end chairs, it holds the recommended weight and offers good balance when the chair is reclined and the footrest is out. 

The only downside I found with the chair is that it squeaked a little when sitting or leaving the chair. However, in comparison to other chairs in this price range, the GTracing GT901 is much more silent. 

Footrest Plus A Large Recline Angle For Napping

 GT901 Footrest Series
GTRacing GT901 Black with Footrest

A footrest might seem like an unnecessary feature, especially for beginner gamers that do not really work for long. However, a footrest is important because it reduces the chances of blood clots and varicose veins. 

There are several other gaming chairs in a similar price range with footrests, such as the Respawn 110 gaming chair and Smax gaming chair. However, the GTRacing GT901 gaming chair has a more sturdy footrest. The bolts fit in snugly during installation to ensure that heavy users can enjoy the footrest without it getting wobbly or breaking off.

  • Practical, easy to use and durable footrest
  • Tilt tension control feature
  • Thick padded seat for comfort
  • Comfortable head and lumbar pillows for extra support
  • 2 years warranty to put your mind to rest
  • The PU leather and plastic base feel cheap

Final Verdict

The GTRacing brand is not known to be a disappointment for its customers. The brand offers good-quality chairs at highly affordable prices. As you would expect, the GTracing GT901 gaming chair from their footrest series doesn’t disappoint either. 

I found the GT901 really addicting for the time that I was testing it. It offers comfort even in long hours of working or gaming while still maintaining exceptional support due to the metal frame.

The GTRacing GT901 is well-built to last for long and can serve beginner as well as pro gamers alike. You can get the all-black version for your office or blue, red and green variants for your professional gaming table.