Make a Statement With These Colorful Floating Bookshelves


Storage is fun with Floating bookshelves. You save your valuable floor space and use the wall to display your cherished photos, favorite books, toys plants.

Floating bookshelves are simple, yet modern with stylish designs. They are available in a variety of materials including metal, MDF, glass, teak, and maple, floating shelves can fit any style design. We have compiled a wide variety of high-quality pieces that look beautiful and easy to assemble. 

3 Tier Floating Bookshelf

Bring a modern look and a clean style to any blank wall with this 3-tier floating bookshelf. Each shelf offers ample space to accommodate up to 13 lbs, hence the distance between shelves measures 8 inches. The piece comes in five brackets and the assembly is seamless. The strong wood used for craftsmanship is sturdy making it just right to easily display your books, and family photos. You also choose from an array of color options that best matches your ideal style.  And lastly,  all required mounting tools are included and you only need a hammer, screwdriver and Allen wrench ready.

Overall 3 tier floating bookshelf is cheap, has a modern and unique design, the color options look great, the material used is sturdy, and lastly best choice for your bedroom or living room.

Special Features and Specifications

The material used: Manufactured Wood

  • Color options: Oak,  Anthracite, Burgundy, Dark brown, Light Mocha, White, and Mocha
  • Overall dimensions:26” H X 47” W X 9” D
  • The shelf accommodates up to 13lbs
  • Number of shelves: 3
  • Distance between shelves 8.5”


  • Takes a small wall space
  • It is spacious to display a lot of stuff
  • The bookshelf has a modern design that looks beautiful
  • Easy to put together


  • The bookcase is not very stable compared with the floor bookcase
  • It is not suitable for large books

Floating corner bookshelf

Maximize every inch of corner space with 5-tier shelves,  and add a modern touch with this zigzag bookcase. Very versatile and is a game changer in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or office spaces. It is made from thick and sturdy particle boards and each shelf holds up to 15kgs without breaking. The shelves are super easy to mount on the wall. And each shelf measures 20cm H X 20cm W which is an ideal space to showcase all your books, art, framed photos, and other decor items.

Overall the zigzag design of the floating corner bookshelf looks modern and stylish, the material used is sturdy, the finish looks clean and you choose from Rustic/Brown or White color options. And lastly,  it is easy to assemble,  hence the anchor fitting is included to ensure stability. For more corner cabinets that fit well in a small space in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room check the review here.

Special features and specifications

  • Colors: Rustic/ Brown or White
  • Overall dimensions: 127.5 cm H X 20.0 cm W X 20.0 cm D
  • Total shelves: 5
  • Material: Manufactured wood
  • Frame materials: Particle board with melamine veneer


  • It offers a lot of flexibility- you can move it from one corner to another
  • It has a unique design and offers ample storage 
  • It looks stunning and compliments well with a modern variety of styles
  • The material used is sturdy
  • Very easy to mount on the wall


  • The floating corner bookshelf is not wide

Floating bookshelves office

Personalize your living room, or office or add extra storage in your kitchen by simply mounting this stylist U-shaped hanging bookshelf. It is sleek, and large and features 6 -tiers shelves that are spacious and sturdy.  You only need to mount it on an empty wall and all the cluttered items in your living room, kitchen becomes tidy and organized. The dimension of the shelf measures 17” W X 6” D and each shelf holds up to 15 lbs when mounted on drywall. The anchors and screw are included,  and if you mount it on a wooden wall or studs it will hold up to 25 lbs. The shelf comes pre-assembled; you only need to anchor it on an empty wall.

Overall, the shelves are metal; very sturdy, and heavy-duty. No assembly is required. Best choice as a book or kitchen storage, a bathroom organizer, and perfect in your kid’s bedroom. 

Special Features and Specifications 

  • Material: Metal
  • Color: White or Black
  • No assembly required
  • Number of shelves: 6
  • Dimensions:17” W X 6” D
  • Shipping dimensions:18” D X 12” W X 6” H
  • Suitable for: Books storage, kitchen storage, bathroom organization, and kid’s bedroom


  • Very sturdy material used for craftsmanship
  • Offers ample space to organize and display items
  • The bookcase is versatile 
  • Very stylish and modern looking
  • It maximizes every space in your room


  • Not the studiest bookshelf.

Buying Guides

Hanging bookshelves spice up any room while being functional addition to your room. Here are factors you should consider when buying a bookshelf:

  1. The material: Choose between wood or metal. Wood offers a classic and natural look hence complements well with most interior designs. Also, wood floating shelves are sturdier and can handle more weight than metal. Metal on the other side is durable, lightweight, and has a sleek design. The metal floating bookshelf is also easy to assemble.
  2. Size: You need to measure the empty space of your wall and choose the best-floating bookshelf that fits the size.
  3. Style: Choose the style that complements well with your decor, whether it’s rustic, contemporary, or traditional.
  4. Capacity: Each model holds a different weight. Consider how much weight you want to place on a bookshelf, most floating bookshelf holds a minimum of 15lbs-30lbs.
  5. Installation: Make sure you follow the guide collectively and ensure you have the right hardware such as hammer, screwdriver, and Allen wrench ready so that it becomes easy to secure it on the wall.
  6. The price: Consider how much you want to spend on a floating bookshelf before making your selection.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you use floating shelves for books?

Yes, a floating bookshelf can be used to store and display books as well as other items, such as art, picture frames, fake plants, and other decorative items.

Can floating bookshelves be used in a bathroom?

Yes and No. It depends on the material used for craftsmanship. Some materials are more moisture-resistant than others. Solid wood and Mdf are sure to withstand moist conditions in your bathroom. We have reviewed the best bathroom cabinets that are sure to withstand moist conditions.

How do you install a floating bookshelf?

Installation varies on the type of model. It is advisable to have all the hardware requirements and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If you are not good at DIY hire a professional. Here are a few tips that you can help you install

What are floating bookshelves made of?

Floating bookshelves are made from maple, teak, glass,  MDF, or metal. 

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