Moon Pod Bean Bag chair

Not every gamer wants to sit on a conventional desk chair. If you game from a console and not a desk, you might opt to go with a different kind of seating arrangement during gaming. How about a bean bag chair? The moon pod bean bag chair will definitely change your thinking about bean bag chairs.

Moon Pod chair will help you relax and reduce the level of stress.

Why you might ask?

Sitting on this chair gives you the surreal feeling of floating while reducing your stress and allowing you to relax. For professional gamers, gaming definitely feels like a job. At the end of the day, you are tired and stressed out especially when you do not have the right seat to use. The bean bag chair will bring back the love you had for gaming and it will stop feeling like a job all over again. 

The moon pod is not like your usual bean bag chair. Forget the experiences you have had on other bean bag chairs and get ready for a whole new experience with the moon pod bean bag chair. Consider the moon pod as a high-end piece of furniture able to give you exceptional comfort and bliss. 

Magnificent gaming experience at Zero-Gravity

Floatation therapy is a big success for helping people to relax. You can now get the same level of relaxation right at home as you game or just chill. The moon pod bean bag chair is designed to provide a zero-gravity effect similar to what is experienced in floatation therapy, only this time your senses are fully awake. 

Focus on Ergonomics in all Positions

Unlike many other bean bag chairs, the moon pod can be used in different positions. You can enjoy the moon pod while sitting, laying down, or reclining giving you even more options than with a conventional gaming chair. 

The moon pod bean bag chair is filled with high-density beads and therefore it doesn’t sag easily. With the moon pod you do not sink, you float. The sack is filled with the beads to a capacity that allows for easy movement and support to your body regardless of the position. 

Incredible support and pressure point relief 

Many bean bag chairs available in the market do not offer good support when you are seated. In fact, bean bag chairs are known for sinking but not the Moon pod bean bag chair. This chair is incredible at offering support when you are seated. 

The constricted shape and compact form of the Moon Pod ensure that you get maximum support from the high-density beads inside. What’s more, the chair conforms to your body shape and the beads massage the pressure points to bring you much-needed relief and relaxation. 


High-density beads

The moon pod is filled with high-density and high friction beads. In a world where sagging bean bag chairs are a problem, the Moon Pod stays supportive. The high friction property of the beads allows for easy movement and quick adjustability of the chair when you change the seating position. The Moon Pod bean bag chair, therefore, offers lasting support for you. 

Removable, high-quality cover

The chair comes with a removable cover that is made of a blend of spandex, polyester, and cotton. This blend ensures the cover is easy to clean, flexible and responsive to movement, and long-lasting.  The cover is soft and cozy ensuring your comfort. 

The cover doesn’t attract dust or allow pet hairs and other materials to stick. However, even if this happens, the cover is very easy to clean. The cover is machine washable. You have a choice of five color options including space gray, cosmic ash, Neptune blue, moon indigo and rose quartz. 

Unique, high-tech design

The Moon Pod bean bag chair wins because of the design. It has been designed in a way to allow you to sit, lay down or recline without compromising on support. When reclining or laying a bag, the chair mimics the floatation effect from floatation therapy. 

The shape of the Moon Pod is unlike that of many other bean bag chairs. It has an oval shape and comes in a somewhat compact size. The oval shape allows you to find desired back support when sitting or reclining on the Moon Pod. It also makes it easy for you to find your seat on the bean bag chair. 

The Moon Pod doesn’t take up much space and therefore it is ideal for people interested in minimalistic designs. It is smaller than many other options available in the market. It weighs only 12lbs and takes up 4 sq ft of space.  

Accessories to enhance your experience

You can add some accessories to enhance your experience with the Moon Pod. You can add the Crescent zero-gravity backrest to boost back support on your Moon Pod. The Crescent can also be used on other sofas in the house. 

If you like to keep your feet elevated, the lunar lift is a great addition for you. It raises your feet to the same level as your heart while resting on the Moon Pod to boost blood circulation and enhance your relaxation experience. 

The Moon Pod is also available for two people called the super Moon Pod. 

If you want an interesting bean bag chair that offers versatile sitting positions and superior support then the Moon Pod bean bag chair is the one for you. You can get one now at 25% discount and enjoy gaming while floating.