Noblechairs Hero Black Edition Review 2023

The Noblechairs Hero Black is perfect gaming chair for office setting and gaming.

One of the best gaming chairs from Noblechairs, the Hero series has just gotten better through the black edition range of chairs. The Noblechairs black edition gaming chair feature visual and material upgrades. The upgrade will transforms your sitting experience. 

Most gaming chairs are flashy and bright. There is nothing wrong with having a dazzling and colorful chair. But if you are looking for a subtle gaming chair, you will love the Noblechairs black edition chairs. The Hero black edition is rendered in matte black, and the logo is restrained for a more sophisticated look. 

The Noblechairs hero black edition is rendered in matte black and the logo is restrained for a more sophisticated look. 

If you want a chair that offers superior comfort and can easily complement your subtle office decor, you should consider the Noblechairs black edition chairs. Although the chair is premium and exclusive, it doesn’t include the added flair that comes with other gaming chairs, for instance, the shoulder holes. It is a flawless chair with a minimalist design that speaks luxury. If you are into something flashy and eye-catching, how about the NobleChairs Mercedes AMG Petronas Gaming Chair?

Specifications and features

  • Recommended weight 150kg. Maximum recommended weight 180kg
  • 4D adjustable and deep armrests
  • Backrest tilt: 90 to 135 degrees
  • Base tilt: 11 degrees
  • Seat height (with base): 127-135 cm
  • 60mm soft and quiet casters
  • Long-life gas lift 

Innovative material designed for comfort and durability

The one feature that stands out with the Noblechairs Hero gaming chair black edition is the cover material. The material is not the usual fabric you are used to. It is a specially designed material made using quality aqueous solutions instead of other conventional solvents.

During manufacture, a chemical process causes the micropores to be permeable to vapor for unparalleled comfort levels. With these breathable pores, you will be comfortable even when sitting for extended periods of time. 

The Black Hero Edition from Noblechairs premium Stitching material.

The material is a vinyl material made with durability in mind. It is made to last and with the two years manufacturer’s warranty in place. You can rest assured that this chair will serve you for a long time. During the entire time we tested this chair, it did not seem to change even after 12 hours of use every day. 

The material is abrasion-resistant and easily withstands the brute of daily use. You can put it to without showing signs of aging or damage. The manufacturer states that this material is as close to real leather as possible in terms of durability. It is also highly breathable, beautiful, and pleasant to the touch. 

Enhanced comfort for long working Hours

Great gaming chairs distinguish themselves not by how good they look. But by how comfortable they are, even with prolonged use. Some seats are comfortable if you only use them for a couple of hours a day. While others will only feel comfortable when they are new and lose the comfort as they age. 

For a premium chair like the Noblechairs Hero black edition, you expect better. In terms of comfort, this chair is comfortable for prolonged use. Hence will continue to offer you the same level of comfort many years down the line. The manufacturer uses high-quality deformation-resistant cold foam that ensures comfort for many years.

I found out that the foam with a 55% density doesn’t lose its breathability or foam even after many hours of use. I have seen some cheaper chairs before that lose their foam quickly. That makes you forced to start adding pillows on the seats to get the support you need. It is not the case with this premium chair. 

Total adjustability for improved ergonomics

The Noble Hero Black edition wins when it comes to adjustability options. It has a tilt mechanism that permits a flat or reclined working position. The recline has a tilt angle of 11 degrees which I found stable even for my weight. The five-point aluminum base coupled with the solid steel frame ensures total stability even when reclined. 

I found out that the backrest can tilt up to 135 degrees. This wide angle is ideal when you want to rest in a chair or even nap after a long workday. 

But, you can adjust the seat to your liking depending on what you are doing. I found that I liked sitting upright when doing serious work in the morning, like writing these reviews, and leaning back a bit when I am cooling off in the evening with some games. 

Most premium gaming chairs available in the market have lumbar pillows to support the lower back. But the Noble Chairs Hero black chair provides better lumbar support because it comes with an integrated lumbar support feature. This feature is built-in into the back of the chair itself, and therefore it offers better lumbar support than a pillow can. 

In my experience, lumbar pillows slip out of position when not harnessed well on the seat. That is not all. Most lumbar pillows are small and unable to support the entire spine arch. And times, they don’t offer good posture. However, the integrated lumbar support in this chair does precisely that. 

4D adjustable and deep armrests

The Noble Chair Hero Black Edition chair offers full arm adjustability. The armrests can be moved in four different axes using buttons and levers positioned on the armrest. Overall, the armrests are supportive and comfortable in any position, whether working at a desk or gaming. 

  • Elegant but subtle design
  • Integrated lumbar support and included neck pillow
  • High quality and soft caster wheels
  • Lots of adjustment options
  • Available in three different materials
  • The price is rather high although the chair is premium

Noblechairs Hero Black Edition Final Verdict

To sum up, the Noblechairs Hero black edition has performed outstandingly in our testing over the past few months. I have found that the seat can hold the recommended weight with ease without squeaking or feeling like it is under pressure. However, if you are looking for a seat meant for the big and tall guys, you should consider the SecretLab Titan softweave series which is also in the same price range.