OFM Ess-3085 Essentials Gaming Chair Review 2023


The OFM ESS-3085 essentials gaming chair is designed with comfort rather than the catchy designs that racing chairs are known for. This gaming chair is affordable. It costs under $150, but it is designed with your comfort and ergonomics. 

The overall design is that of a gaming chair. But the ESS-3085 gaming chair is not flashy. Like the Petronas AMG gaming chair from Noble chairs and others available in the market. It lacks some of the pointless features of racing-style gaming chairs that do nothing to enhance the performance or usability of the chairs. 

For instance, the OFM ESS-3085 does not have those obscure bolsters with belts. That holds the lumbar pillow in a place like in other chairs. These bolsters have carbon fiber covers for some expensive chairs to give the chairs a real racy feel. Such pointless features only add to the price of the gaming chair without really making it any better for you. 

It could be why the manufacturer calls their chairs “essentials” because they eliminate the unnecessary. And maintain what is essential.

Features and specifications

  • Contoured segmented padding
  • Integrated headrest
  • Padded arms
  • Arms are movable up and down 
  • Recommended weight 275 lbs
  • Upholstered in SofThread leather


When purchasing an affordable gaming chair like the OFM ESS-3085 essentials gaming chair, quality questions come to your mind. There are many reasons you might be buying a cheap gaming chair, but you most definitely do not want to waste your money. 

The OFM ESS-3085 gaming chair has a heavy-duty build, and it doesn’t even look cheap at first glance. The chair is upholstered in sofThread leather. In my experience, I would say that this is the usual PU leather we know. 

The leather is paired with meshed material, strategically placed on the contours on the backrest and the seat. If you choose a chair with different color patterns, the meshed material is colored differently from leather for a striking contrast. 

The chair’s frame is metal which means you get a long-lasting seat that is supportive. However, I did not find the all-plastic base to be impressive. The base can get squeaky, mainly when heavy users use the chair. That is not all. The plastic base makes the chair appear cheap. 

The height adjustment control is easy to use and smooth. Although it works well, it is not the heavy-duty class 4 KGS gas lift available in inexpensive brands. I found that it might lower more often than other chairs we tested. But, I did not experience any problems operating it. 


The OFM ESS-3085 essentials gaming chair is impressive in terms of comfort. It was comfortable for the week that I was using this chair daily. The backrest and the chair seat are contoured to conform to your body and offer better support for your rear and back. 

The integrated headrest is made with your comfort in mind. At 29-½” in height, the entire backrest is generous to support most average users. For me, the headrest was just in the right place, offering me the support I needed every time I leaned back. It is also generously padded but supple and comfy when you lean on it.

The chair doesn’t come with additional lumbar and headrest pillows. However, the padded contours bulge is at the right place to offer you good lumbar support. If you find that this is not enough for you, you can use an additional pillow for support. 

I have to mention that the padding on the seat is not very generous and not the high-density cold cure memory foam you will find in other affordable gaming chairs we have reviewed. For users at the recommended weight, the padding offers good support. If heavier, the thin padding can get uncomfortable for prolonged use. I would recommend you add a seat cushion to enjoy the chair’s comfort for a long time. 

Adjustability and Ergonomics

The adjustability options for the OFM ESS-3085 gaming chair are limited. However, you get the essentials. There is height adjustment, center-tilt, and tilt tension control. But that is all you get. You will not enjoy features such as a backrest recline lock which allows you to use the chair at any desired angle. However, you can recline without locking. 

This ofm essentials racing chair doesn’t have the armrests typical of other racing-style chairs. It comes with arms fixed to the sides of the chair, typical of most office chairs. The arms can be flipped up to get them out of the way or have them down to place your elbows on when you are gaming. The arms are also padded and upholstered, so they are comfortable. 

Although the adjustability options are not as many, you still have options to customize the chair for personalized comfort. 

  • Available in many different solid colors and color patterns
  • Easy height control with center tilt control
  • High build quality for the price
  • Cool design suitable for an office and gaming set-up
  • No recline lock
  • Arms can only be moved up and down

Final Verdict: OFM ESS-3085 essentials gaming chair

The OFM ESS-3085 is not unlike the typical gaming chairs we are used to, but one that offers great value for money. It is not a feature-rich or flashy chair but optimized for comfort and durability. The heavy-duty construction ensures durability and offers you good support. However, consider other brands like Secretlab and noble chairs if you are into flashy gaming chairs. For more premium features without paying through the nose, check out our GTracing Ace S1 gaming chair review