Play Haha Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review – High Back Chair 2023

Play haha ergonomic gaming chair white, blue and red

There are endless options in the gaming chair market; even landing the chair with the best value for money can be daunting. If cost or budget is your main deciding factor when choosing a chair, consider the Play Haha ergonomic gaming chair

The Play Haha ergonomic gaming chair is quite basic, just as “uninspired” as the brand name is. This is the perfect chair for you if you want a cheap chair that is sturdy and comfortable without all the bells and whistles gaming chairs are known for. But do not write this gaming chair off just yet.

It is designed with large users in mind. The seat is wide, and with a high backrest, this chair can keep tall guys comfortable. The base, pneumatic height adjustment, and frame allow the Play Haha chair to hold users up to 350 pounds. Which, to me, is pretty impressive for a chair in this price range. This is the most vital selling point of the Play Haha ergonomic gaming chair. 

play haha gaming chairs racing style

The Play Haha gaming chair price might be so tempting because it doesn’t even break the £100 mark. It might be the cheapest chair you will read a review for on this platform. This price hands-off beats the affordable chairs we have reviewed before, including those of chairs like the GTRacing GT099 and OFM ESS-3085 essentials gaming chair

Features and Specifications

  • Chair dimensions: 23.8” L x 18.9” W seat: 20.4” D x 18.9” W
  • Cover material: PU leather
  • Backrest recline: 90 – 135 degrees
  • Maximum recommended weight: 350 pounds
  • Attached neck and lumbar pillows
  • Five-point base with smooth PU casters
  • Wide seat and high back


Although the Play Haha gaming chair lacks most of the bells and whistles available in many gaming chairs, it has some solid, useful features that ensure your comfort. First, the chair has a steel frame that is strong and supportive regardless of your weight. 

Of course, this is a plus because if the chair is wobbly or feeble, it cannot provide you with the support needed to maintain proper posture. Moreover, such a frame may snap off or break, leaving you on the ground. I have witnessed this in some chairs. But with the Play Haha chair, the frame is exceptionally sturdy and durable. 

Another win for this chair when it comes to comfort matters is the padding. It is thick enough to ensure even the heavy users are comfortable while using the seat. The only problem is that it is not memory foam like the one you will find in Omega, which we have reviewed here. However, high density can last for a decent period even with full-time use every day.  

The sponge used on the seat allows for the natural positioning of your body so that your legs and hips are right where they should be. 

What did I not like when it came to comfort? First, the chair is upholstered using standard PU leather. It can get hot and uncomfortable, especially in hot climates or after prolonged sitting. 

Adjustability and ergonomics

There isn’t a lot to talk about for most cheap gaming chairs when it comes to adjustability options. The Play haha gaming chair is not different. First, the armrests are only 2D adjustable. You can move them up and down to adjust the height and sideways. 

The backrest reclines to 135 degrees and locks in position so you can choose the perfect angle for your needs. This is not as much considering that other chairs in the same price range recline more. And even offer rocking functions with tilt tension control. The GTRacing GT099, for instance, reclines by a whopping 170 degrees. 

Reclines upto 135 degrees

The armrests are curved to hold your arms with ease for ergonomics. And the backrest is ergonomically curved to align with your spine. Generally, this chair feels just as comfortable as some other brands costing more. 

Multipurpose neck pillow

Play haha comes with neck and lumbar pillows for additional support. The pillows are stuffed with soft cushions to make them comfortable for your back and head. 

However, the feature that stood out to me more here is the neck pillow. The pillow has a U-design, just like the travel neck pillows. This design allows you to use the pillow outside the chair when watching movies on your couch and elsewhere. 

Play Haha Gaming Chair Assembly

Like any other gaming out there, the Play Haha gaming chair ships with assembly instructions. Suppose you do not get the instruction manual with the chair in any case. There are so many online videos from reviewers and other resources showing you how to assemble the Play haha chair step by step. 

I am experienced in assembling gaming chairs, so it took me around 12 minutes to complete it. Everything was where it should be and easy to find. Also, the instruction manual I got was pretty easy to follow. Because it had pictures showing what parts and where to put them. The simple tool needed for the assembly is also included in the chair.

If it is your first time assembling a chair or if you are not a handy person, it can take you up to 30 minutes to assemble the chair. Since the chair doesn’t have a footrest and other additions, there aren’t a lot of parts to put together. And hence the process is straightforward. 

Build and value for money

The build of the chair is quite decent and robust. I feel like you are getting real value for money with this chair. Of course, you will have to live with many plastic parts and PU leather. But at a price, that is understandable. 

There is no denying how good the play haha gaming chair looks when fully assembled. I particularly loved the white and black color combination. 

What we Like
  • The chair is available in two versions – with a footrest and without
  • You get all the necessary features to ensure comfort – and then some
  • The chair is very affordable
  • The neck pillow is multifunctional
  • The chair is built for the big and tall users
What we don’t like
  • The chair can get quite squeaky
  • The armrests are not all that adjustable

Wolf warriors gaming chair: Final Verdict

For a chair costing less than £100, the Play haha ergonomic racing-style gaming chair provides great quality and comfort. The chair is generally very basic without fancy designs and excess features. However, you get a chair that feels and looks like it should have cost you more money. 

We recommend the Play haha gaming chair for larger teens and adults that need a throne. If you are not a full-time gamer and use this chair for a couple of hours a day, it might be difficult to find any faults.