RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair Review 2023: Worth it?


Since 2017, Respawn has been in the business of making affordable gaming chairs. One of their best sellers is the Respawn 110 gaming chair. The Respawn 110 was designed to offer lasting comfort while being easy on your pocket. It is amongst the best-selling chairs today, with over 26,000 reviews on Amazon. This tells you that this chair is a favourite of many. 

We will bring a complete picture of this gaming chair to make it easy for you to decide through this unbiased respawn gaming chair review. 

RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming, Blue, Purple, Grey

Features and specifications

  • Maximum recommended weight: 275lbs
  • Padded armrests that move with the backrest
  • Height adjustable and 360-degree swivel
  • Material: Faux leather
  • Dimensions: seat – 21” width x 21.25” depth, overall chair height – 51.5”
  • Backrest recline: 90 – 150 degrees

Comfort in All Direction

Respawn 110 Grey padded Footrest

After assembling my Black respawn 110, the chair just called me to sit on it. It is chunky and thick, which speaks of comfort just by looking at it. Sitting on it confirmed why this gaming chair is a favorite for many gamers. The thick padding from high-density foam is comfortable and easy on your body. 

Respawn 110 Grey padded support
Respawn 110 Grey chair with footrest and padded armrest

On the backrest is segmented thick padding that properly conforms to your body structure and offers better support. The body-hugging design of the seat keeps you feeling cozy and snug all through relieving pressures just in the right areas. 

The respawn 110 racing-style gaming chair comes with padded lumbar and headrest cushions. The cushions do their job of providing extra support for your back and neck well. The entire chair and cushions are covered in bonded leather, simply PU leather. 

The leather looks great in pictures but can feel cheap in real life. However, this was not an issue for me because the chair looks like all other chairs in this price range. The leather is effortless to clean and maintain, keeping your chair looking lavish. 

Adjustability and ergonomics

It doesn’t matter how comfortable a chair is. Sitting in one position for prolonged periods can cause fatigue. Respawn has added adjustability options to ensure you enjoy customized comfort throughout the day based on what activities you are carrying out. 

The chair comes with a gas lift mechanism that allows you to adjust the seat’s height by about three inches to get your perfect position. The gas lift mechanism is strong, quiet, smooth, and easy to use. 

The backrest almost fully reclines because you can take it from 90 up to 150 degrees. That is not all. The infinite lock feature allows you to lock the backrest in a position where it feels most comfortable for you. 

Respawn 110 Grey gaming chair recline from 90 to 150 degrees
Respawn 110 Grey recline up to to 150 degrees

Add this backrest recline feature to the fact that the Respawn 110 gaming chair has a footrest, and you are in for a treat. The retractable footrest is easy to extend when you need to lie back with your feet up. Whether you are just taking a rest or gaming, you will enjoy highly customized comfort with the RSP 110 gaming chair.

Padded armrests

Respawn 110 padded armrest

This Respawn 110 review would not do any justice if we failed to mention the ingenious armrests added by Respawn. Let’s start with the fact that these armrests are thickly padded to give your elbows the relief they deserve. But that is not the ingenuity we are talking about. 

Most seats that come with fixed armrests do not recline. The armrests are fixed to the backrest at the sides, making it impossible to recline. However, as an experienced manufacturer of gaming chairs, Respawn was able to counter this problem. 

The Respawn 110 racing-style gaming chair comes with fixed armrests that glide together with the backrest allowing you to recline the chair 150 degrees back. We have not seen this kind of armrest in any other gaming chair, and we have tested many. 

Build quality

While comfort is the most crucial aspect of a gaming or office chair, the overall build quality is also something you need to consider. The respawn 110 offers good support and is cozy to work on for even prolonged periods.

But, you still need to consider how long this comfort will last you. It doesn’t make sense to buy a chair that makes you feel like you are on cloud nine. But falls to pieces in no time. 

While the build quality of the Respawn 110 gaming chair is good, it is not the best. You need to remember that this is an affordable gaming chair. To achieve the low price, the manufacturer has to cut on using all premium materials when designing the chair. 

The cover material is not impressive and cannot be compared to others, specially designed fabrics that offer more breathability and comfort. For instance, the material in the Titan softweave gaming chair, but the Titan softweave from Secretlab costs more. 

Overall, the Respawn gaming chair 110 holds its durability tests compared to other chairs in its price range. However, we cannot ignore that some users have complained of the plastic parts that hold the footrest becoming wobbly because the screws do not tighten up. 

With other chairs in a similar price range, you can pinpoint too many problems, which is the exception with the Respawn 110.

Again the chair can hold a maximum of 275lbs, which is not as impressive as other premium chairs that can go up to 400lbs. If you are a heavy and tall user, you can consider spending a bit more to get a chair that can easily hold your weight and size. For instance, you can consider the DXRacer DM1200 gaming chair, which supports a maximum weight of 353lbs.

  • Thick padding on the seat
  • Telescopic footrest
  • Padded armrests
  • Cheap plastics used for some parts

Final Verdict

So is the Respawn 110 racing-style gaming chair worth buying it? Is it value for your money? On the whole, the answer is yes. The respawn 110 offers good comfort whether you work for several hours a day or a whole day. But, just like any other chair in this price range, expect to see signs of wear and tear in a couple of years, depending on how long you use the chair.

Buying Guide

What makes the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair stand out from other gaming chairs on the market?

The Respawn 110 Gaming Chair is designed with comfort in mind, and it is perfect for extended gaming sessions. It features a segmented padded design that provides ample support and comfort for your back and neck. Additionally, the chair comes with an adjustable footrest that allows you to stretch out and relax while gaming.

What makes the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair stand out from other gaming chairs on the market?

The Respawn 110 Gaming Chair stands out from other gaming chairs due to its premium features and ergonomic design. It is designed with gamers in mind and provides ample support and comfort during long gaming sessions. The chair is highly adjustable, allowing you to customize it to fit your body and preferences. Its sleek design and sturdy construction also make it a stylish addition to any gaming setup.