SecretLab Titan SoftWeave Gaming Chair Review

Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series
The Secretlab Titan SoftWeave chair for big and tall guys.

If you spend more than a couple of hours gaming, you will appreciate what a comfortable chair can do for your back. You might invest in a chair with useful ergonomic features and add-ons, but if the cover material is not what you like, you will hate everything else. The Secretlab Titan SoftWeave gaming chair comes with a deceptively comfortable, dream-like fabric material. 

Looking around, you might have found a lack of innovation with gaming chairs lately. It seems like everything has been done. However, Secretlab continues to invent and improve its awesome products, as evident with the Secretlab Titan 2020 SoftWeave series update. 

The Secretlab Titan SoftWeave chair comes with all the features available in the previous version but with upgrades, especially on the cover material. At first glance, the chair resembles the SecretLab Omega gaming chair. But the 2020 series is bigger and meant for tall and heavier guys than the Omega. 

  • Breathable fabric for advanced temperature regulation
  • Integrated, adjustable lumbar support
  • 5 years extended warranty
  • Superior quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Lumbar pillow not included

Dreamy, fluffy, but durable Softweave fabric

The Titan 2020 series chairs come in various materials, including premium PU leather, Napa leather, and SoftWeave fabric.

From experience, we have seen some leather gaming chairs that get hot and uncomfortable after several hours of seating, especially cheap synthetic leather.

If you have experienced this before and want to enjoy comfort after long hours of seating, consider buying a fabric choice. However, fabric materials also come with some setbacks. Like they can stain easily, and some are not very durable. Secretlab took all of these problems into account and created a unique material to overcome them – the SoftWeave fabric. 

The SoftWeave fabric is made from a short and dense yarn to ensure it is soft and fluffy. The material is not stiff but is soft, comfortable, and highly durable. The high yarn count ensures it can stand up to extensive use. SoftWeave fabric is also highly breathable and keeps you fresh and comfortable all day long, even when temperatures are high. 

Dense, Generous Padding for Comfort

Cheap gaming chairs can be an eyesore and become very uncomfortable quickly. One of the main reasons is the lack of good padding on the seat. The Secretlab Titan SoftWeave gaming chair is different. 

The chair has dense and generous padding made of cold-cure foam molded meticulously to the chair’s contours. The manufacturer went a step further to ensure the quality padding used contours well to your body shape to be comfortable on the chair even for long. 

I have used this seat and found being comfortable. The foam is long-lasting because it has not dented even slightly. It conforms when I sit but regains shape when off the seat. Even after a month of testing it, the chair still feels and looks new, which gives me the impression that it will last long. 

Integrated Lumbar Support and Head Pillow

Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series Cookies and Cream choice.

In the other gaming chairs and Secretlab Omega chairs, you get a flat pillow for lumbar support. It is not with the Secretlab Titan SoftWeave gaming chair. The chair comes with an integrated lumbar support system. There is a knob on the right side of the seat where you can adjust the firmness of the lumbar support area. 

Multifunctional chairs for gaming, studying and working

However, you are not limited to only using the integrated lumbar control. If you are used to pillows or do not like the support it gives you, you can use a pillow for lumbar support. But you would have to buy the lumbar pillow as an add-on.

The Secretlab Titan 2020 SoftWeave comes with a fantastic head pillow. The cover is a velour material that wicks away moisture keeping you cool and comfortable as you continue working or gaming. Inside the pillow is high-quality memory foam with top cooling gel technology that ensures total comfort. 

Armrests and Adjustability

SecretLab Titan series Armrest
The Armrest can move Up, Down, Forward, or backward as you desire.

The Secretlab Titan SoftWeave fabric gaming chair is on another level to ensure ergonomics. It boasts extreme adjustability options allowing you to recline and adjust height and armrests. The armrests are 4D, so you can move them up, down, forward, backward, and inside and out. This allows you to get your elbows in the perfect position to work extra hours. 

The armrests’ mechanism is wholly made of metal to ensure durability and ease of movement while you are adjusting. I found these armrests easy to use, and they lock in place and stay in position unless you move them again. The upper padding on the armrests was comfortable and contoured to perfectly fit my arms regardless of the position I was in. 

The chair can recline up to 165 degrees, which is almost flat. This feature is helpful for those times you get exhausted and want to lean back and relax or even take a nap. The five-point base is solid aluminum that keeps you grounded no matter your position.

Further, this SoftWeave gaming chair allows for height adjustment, which caters to a bigger height range than many other chairs. The height adjustment is supported by class 4 hydraulics which is highly certified for safety and stability. 

Secretlab Titan Softweave Gaming Chair Final Verdict

The Secretlab titan sofweave gaming chair 2020 series is an upgrade of the usual Titan series chairs. Although it costs more, it has an extended warranty of 5 years up from the 2.5 years of the previous chairs. It also comes with upgraded materials that justify the slightly higher price.