Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair Review: Back Pain Solution?


Brands like Secretlab, Noble chairs, and DXRacer come to mind when you think of gaming chairs. However, you might not want to pay the premium price of racing-style chairs. But still, you want to experience superior comfort throughout the day. The Sihoo ergonomic office chair will be a great fit if that sounds like you.

The Sihoo ergonomic office chair is not your usual flamboyant racing-style gaming chair that draws attention. It is a simple, meshed-style office chair. But one that offers a lot of ergonomic features and comfort. 

Premium gaming brands watch out because the Sihoo office chair is slowly taking the internet by storm. 

But, how does the chair hold up in all the essential feature categories for a great chair? We went shopping and got ourselves the Sihoo office chair to answer this question. And put it to our tests. The results are all in this Sihoo ergonomic office chair review.

Features and specifications

  • 45 degrees adjustable headrest
  • Height adjustable, padded armrests
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Comfortable cushion in the seat
  • Backrest recline: 125 degrees
  • Two-way adjustable lumbar support
  • Integrated lumbar support


Looking at a meshed chair and a padded racing-style chair side to side, you might not think meshed chairs are comfortable. But when you sit on a meshed chair through a whole work shift or for several hours, you recognize how comfortable they can get. 

The Sihoo ergonomic chair has a meshed backrest that allows free air circulation. This is important because it ensures you remain comfortable even with prolonged use of the chair. 

If you have ever used a PU leather chair for a long, then you know how it warms up and gets uncomfortable with time. This doesn’t happen with a meshed backrest chair. Furthermore, the seat is upholstered in a fabric material. This enhances breathability to keep you comfortable. 

The cushions are of a high density. The padding is not as thick as you get with other gaming chairs. But, I found it to be adequate, especially if you are at or below the recommended weight.

The cushion is designed in a W-style design that is important for comfort. Why? I found out that this design directs your legs and hips for the best posture and sitting position. 

The armrests are padded using a soft plastic or rubber material. This is also adequate to ensure your elbows are comfortable. 

Adjustability and ergonomics

The Sihoo desk chair is designed with ergonomics in mind. You will get several features in this chair that are only found in premium chairs that cost a fortune. Two of these features are an adjustable headrest and integrated lumbar support. We will discuss this more later on in the review. 

The chair comes with an adjustable footrest. The footrest is retractable and easily goes under the chair when not in use. Most gaming chairs with a footrest do not offer any adjustability. But Sihoo does. Depending on how you use it, you can adjust the angle you want the footrest to recline. I found that feature nice to have. 

The backrest reclines while the seat of the chair remains intact. This allows you to place the backrest at your most comfortable working angle. However, the chair doesn’t go too low because it can only recline 125 degrees. Reclining is easy through the easy-to-use lever on the side of the chair. Plus, you can lock the chair in place when you find the perfect angle for your tasks. 

Speaking of the backrest. The seat is ergonomically designed in an S-like shape. This shape easily conforms to your body.

The only downside to this chair when it comes to adjustability is the armrests. They are only height adjustable. You can change the height of the armrests by 7 cm. The manufacturer could have tried 3D or even 4D adjustable armrests for more options. 

The five-point base of the Sihoo mesh office chair is impressive. It is made of reinforced aluminum. Therefore, you can expect the chair to offer you the support you need. The five-point base is very sturdy and quiet when you swivel or move while seated on the chair. 

That is not all. The chrome finish on the metal base complements the all-black color for an elegant and sophisticated look. 

Adjustable headrest

This Sihoo ergonomic office chair review would not be complete without discussing the adjustable headrest. Usually, racing-style chairs come with head pillows that support the neck and shoulders. These pillows might be too thick, or sometimes too small to offer you the desired support. 

Sihoo gaming chair solves this problem by offering an adjustable headrest. You can tilt the headrest forward or back until it is right where you want it. 

I really enjoyed that feature, and I found myself seated in the correct posture most of the time.

Integrated lumbar support

The Sihoo ergonomic desk chair continues to surprise me. Integrated lumbar support is a feature you will only find on premium chairs like the Secretlab Titan softweave 2020 series or DM1200 from DX racer

The Sihoo office chair comes with adjustable lumbar support. You can easily adjust the lumbar support height and even the depth. Height is adjusted by pushing the lumbar support either up or down. Also, there’s a knob at the side of the chair that adjusts the depth of the lumbar support. 

Despite the cheap plastic material used for the lumbar support, it did a good job of supporting my back. Also, it didn’t keep shifting up and down, requiring adjustment regularly. It sticks in place. 

  • Very comfortable to sit on even in long hours
  • Feature packed chair at an affordable price point
  • Solid aluminum five point base and metal frame
  • Comes with an adjustable footrest
  • Can fit in any office or home gaming setup due to the subtle style 
  • The armrests are height adjustable only

Final Verdict:

Whether you want a chair for office work, home office, or gaming, the Sihoo ergonomic office chair is one of the most feature-packed chairs out there. 

The Sihoo office and gaming chair has received over 5000 reviews on Amazon. 87% of these reviews are 4 and 5 stars, while only 5% are one star. These reviews culminate in a 4.4% overall rating, which is impressive for such an affordable chair from a lesser-known brand. 

If you are in the market for a chair that will offer you comfort throughout the day, consider the Sihoo ergonomic desk chair. It offers premium features for personalized comfort without paying a premium price. 

We recommend this chair for full-time gamers, freelancers, and office workers.