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Gaming Chairs for Consoles and Pc in 2021

Gaming chairs with Bluetooth speakers and vibration

If you have been gaming for a minute then you know how important sound is to your gaming session. The most important aspect of gaming chairs with speakers is how much they immerse you into the gaming session. You can also enjoy the chairs when watching movies and listening to music. 

Have you ever gone to a movie theater and enjoyed your favorite movie with surround sound? What if you could turn your gaming experience into that level of enjoyment? You can, if you invest in a video game chair with speakers. 

In this guide, we will show you why you need a gaming chair with speakers. And even highlight the seven best chairs with speakers you can buy today. 

What are gaming chairs with speakers?

Gaming chairs with speakers are chairs that have speakers built into them. These chairs are designed for not only gamers, but all audiophiles that love to listen to music while relaxing, listen to podcasts, and so forth. 

Just like with all the other chairs, you need to do some due diligence when choosing a gaming chair with speakers. This is because not all the chairs are made equal. They are available in many different types, they come with varying numbers of speakers and even varying quality of sound. 

Further, you should also ensure that you consider the other important aspects of the chair. Like comfort, adjustability, ergonomics, design, upholstery material, and many others. 

There are three main things that provide the appeal for gaming chairs with speakers for professional gamers. These are; 

Placement of the speakers – Usually the speakers are placed near the headrest on both sides of the chair. The subwoofer is usually situated on the bottom or back of the chair. These placements ensure you get an immersive surround sound experience.

Connectivity – A gaming chair will not be useful if it has speakers but cannot connect with other audio devices. Most gaming chairs will provide you with the option to connect to your console and other audio devices wirelessly through Bluetooth, through cables, or both. 

Compatibility – what good would the gaming chair be if it cannot connect with all your gaming consoles? Computer chairs with speakers allow you to connect with Xbox, Playstations, Nintendo, and all other types of gaming consoles that you may have. In some instances, you might need to purchase extra cables. But in other instances, you get all you need with the chair. 

Types of gaming chairs with speakers

Usually, gaming chairs with speakers are available in three main types namely;

  • Floor gaming chairs with speakers – These gaming chairs sit on the floor. They have a curved base that allows you to rock the chair back and forth. They are also commonly referred to as rocker gaming chairs due to the fact that they rock back and forth. This types of gaming chairs are common with professional console gamers. 
  • Pedestal gaming chairs with speakers – These gaming chairs do not sit on the ground but they are elevated like office chairs. The only difference is, these ones are elevated using a pedestal and not the usual five-point base found on typical gaming or office chairs. These chairs can be used both at a desk or in the living room for console gaming. 
  • Conventional / traditional style gaming chairs with speakers – These are chairs elevated using a five-point base. These gaming chairs offer more adjustability options than the first two categories. This is because they can be height adjusted, they have adjustable armrests and they recline. If you work at a desk or game on your computer, this type of gaming chair is the one for you. 

Benefits of gaming chairs with speakers

So why should you spend money investing in a gaming chair with speakers? There are several benefits: Here are some of them.

First, you will get a great emphasis on what is on the screen. Take for instance an action-packed scene with explosions and gunfire. If you are only looking at it or gaming without sound it will not be impactful. Now, imagine the same scene with loud explosions and blazing sounds of gunfire surrounding your ears just like you are in a movie theater? Wouldn’t that be awesome? These gaming chairs bring the action on the screen to life through sounds. 

Secondly, did you know that sound improves your gaming skill? Yes, research has shown that most professional gamers or those with good skills at gaming are those that game with sound on. This is because sound and music from the games engage and immerse you more into the game. 

Another benefit of gaming chairs with speakers is that they evoke emotional responses from you. When you are more emotionally invested in the game you enjoy it more. And even perform better in it. Take for instance a solo mission where you are battling opponents. Fast and aggressive beats can pump your adrenaline and enhance your performance. 

Sound can also enhance your performance when you are in multiplayer game mode. If you hear your enemies you can easily pinpoint their locations and be able to attack them before they see you. Getting to the first with an accurate shot might be all you need to win the game. 

Sounds make gaming seem more realistic. The small sounds like cars whooshing, people gossiping in the background, cars honking or robots beeping their way through are clear indications of a busy technologically advanced town. If you are passing through enchanted forests, expect sounds like the slow whistling of the wind, your feet against the grass or vegetation, and crickets chirping in the background.  

Investing in a gaming chair with speakers is way cheaper than buying a soundbar or a home theater system for gaming at home. Although these systems have way better sound than the gaming chairs, they could be out of reach for people on a tight budget. Investing in a gaming chair, therefore, becomes the easiest and most logical way to get sound with your gaming. 

Finally, when you invest in a gaming chair that has audio you avoid using headphones. Headphones are great but they are tiresome. Ask someone who uses them for more than one hour and they will tell you how they can cause fatigue. With a gaming chair, you get sound that is up close and immersive just like with headphones but without the fatigue they cause. 

How to set up chairs with speakers

There are two main ways that you can connect the gaming chair with speakers and vibration to your consoles and other audio equipment. 

Connecting wirelessly

First, most modern audio gaming chairs will come with the option of wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Usually, the Bluetooth transmitter is built into the chair which makes the connection quite easy and automatic. 

For other chairs, you might get a transmitter that you use to connect the chair to your devices wirelessly. Some transmitters require AA batteries while others charge as they transmit audio. So you never have to buy any batteries. The latter is more preferred. 

Connecting using cables

The other way through which you can connect the gaming chair to your devices is through cables. The cables to use are can either be auxiliary cables or RCA cables. Cables are great because they do not need to be charged and can work for hours on end. 

But, the downside is also that having cables connected to your gaming chair can increase clutter around your gaming area. Also, if you forget you are connected using cables and move the chair you risk yanking the cables. 

2.1 or 4.1 Speaker system?

Gaming chairs with speakers come with either 2.1 or 4.1 surround systems. The 2.1 system is the most common. This system consists of two speakers and one subwoofer. The latter 4.1 system contains four speakers and one subwoofer. 

The choice between these two systems is definitely a matter of preference but also quality. A high-quality 2.1 surround system will provide crisp sound and feel better than a 4.1 system of low quality. Ensure therefore that you go the extra mile to check what kind of speakers they use and the sound quality you should expect. 

However, if you want more sound coming at you from many different directions, then the 4.1 system is the way to go. 

Now that you know the benefits of gaming chairs with speakers and vibrations, which one should you consider? There are many such gaming chairs in the market from different brands. They are three different types and come with an array of other features, for instance, gaming chairs with footrests.

We, therefore, compiled a list of 7 top gaming chairs with speakers that you should consider. We have reviewed all of these chairs before so we know what sets them apart from the rest. Here are the chairs we were particularly impressed with; 

List of the best gaming chairs with speakers

  1. GT Racing GT 890M.
  2. X Rocker 5172601 Surge
  3. GTRacing  GT890MF Series
  4. XRocker Pro Series H3
  5. X Rocker 517401 II SE
  6. X Rocker 5172901 
  7. X Rocker 5143601 SE

GT Racing GT890M

The GT Racing GT890M is our top pick for a gaming chair with speakers. The chair is in the traditional gaming or office chair design and is available in five different colors. It comes with two speakers strategically positioned on the side bolsters of the chair. I enjoyed how this position led to an immersive 360 degrees sound experience. 

The biggest downside with the GT890M is that it doesn’t have the Bluetooth transmitter integrated into the chair. You have to purchase the chair together with the Bluetooth transmitter from GT racing to connect the chair wirelessly to your audio devices and consoles. 

When fully charged, the speakers can blast for five to six hours so you have enough time for full-day gaming. You can also continue to game when the chair is connected or charge the chair when you are not working. It takes three hours to completely charge the chair which is a bit too long if you ask me. 

The Bluetooth adapter offers a decent range of about 5 meters. As such, you can easily connect with devices that might be in another room without having to drag them close to your gaming desk. 

When it comes to matters of comfort, the GT890M offers some decent features. The armrests are height adjustable. The chair is made using a metallic frame that offers support and promotes proper posture. I really liked how the chair reclines all the way back to 170 degrees. You can therefore always find the right position for different tasks. 

The cover material is standard PU leather. Although it looks exquisite especially in blue and grey colors, it can get quite warm and uncomfortable several hours into your gaming. The cushion is not all that thick neither is its memory foam. But, you get a thickly padded seat using a high-density cushion. 

Read our full GT890M review.

What we like
  • It has a metallic frame that promotes good posture and provides good support
  • The chair is quite affordable and good value for money
  • It comes with a deep recline plus rocking function to keep you relaxed as you game
  • The sound produced from the speakers is quality and quite immersive
  • The speakers can last for a whole six hours on a single full charge
What we don’t like
  • The armrests are only height adjustable
  • The upholstery material is standard PU leather. Nothing special there.

X Rocker 5172601 Surge

The X rocker surge is one of the best floor gaming chairs with speakers in 2021. The chair fulfills two of the most important qualities of a gaming chair – comfort and quality. The black finish with red piping and stitching stands out and gives the chair an elegant finish. The design is also very modern and easy to fit into any living room. 

The Surge 5172601 floor gaming chair is very sturdy and supportive of your body. It is designed with ergonomics in mind to ensure you are comfortable even with prolonged sitting. The frame is designed to always ensure you are seated in the right posture. 

The base of the chair is curved to allow for easy rocking back and forth much like you are seated on a normal rocking chair. Further, the cushions on the seat and the backrest are thick, supportive, and comfy. 

The downside to the X Rocker 5172601 is the lack of arms or armrests on the sides. If you are used to placing your elbows on armrests then this chair can get a bit awkward for you because it doesn’t have armrests.

The chair comes with a 2.1 speaker system that allows you to enjoy the crisp sound and low rumbles from the subwoofer. Bluetooth connectivity is in-built into the chair making wireless connectivity with your consoles and other devices a breeze. 

Read our full X Rocker 5172601 Surge review.

What we like

What we like
  • The chair comes with in-built bluetooth connectivity
  • The controls are readily available on the side control panel and easy to use
  • The jacks are easily accessible through the side control panel
  • The finish of the chair is subtle and can easily fit into any living room
  • Chair is foldable for easy storage
What we don’t like
  • The chair does not have arms and armrests
  • The chair needs to be plugged into a power outlet to work

GTRacing  GT890MF Series

GT890M-BLUE From Gtracing Music Series gaming chair

In the guide above, I indicated that you must also pay attention to other features that are important to you when choosing the gaming chair with speakers. Some chairs are more feature-packed than others. So ensure you check for what you need. One exceptionally feature-packed gaming chair with speakers is the GT racing GT890MF gaming chair. 

If you game on your desk, this GTracing gaming chair with Bluetooth speakers will definitely serve you well. Imagine this, you can recline back to your favorite gaming position, your feet are elevated to ensure blood flow, and you have access to audio through two speakers at the back of each ear. Wouldn’t that be awesome? 

With the GT890MF you can enjoy that level of comfort when gaming or even relaxing to your favorite music. The chair comes with the Bluetooth adapter in the box so it is ready to connect and use. Further, when fully charged you get 6 hours of playback time from the speakers. I really enjoyed the crisp sound coming out of these speakers. 

The chair is quite supportive thanks to the ergonomically designed metallic frame. It can support up to 300 pounds. The armrests are 3D adjustable so you can always have them right where you need them. Say goodbye to sore elbows. 

Read our full GTracing GT890MF review

What we like
  • The chair is highly adjustable for customized comfort
  • It has a tilt control and rock feature
  • The chair is available in a wide variety of colors to suit your gaming set-up
  • The footrest offers extra support and comfort
  • The speakers are crisp and easy on your ears
What we don’t like
  • The upholstery material is standard PU leather
  • The cushion is not as thick as you would expect for a chair that supports 300lbs weight

X Rocker Pro Series H3

X rocker pro series h3

Do you enjoy sitting on the floor while gaming? Do you enjoy immersive sound while gaming? Or do you like vibrations that make gaming more realistic? If you have answered yes to all these questions then you are in luck. Usually, you would think that you have to give up one of those for the other, but with the X Rocker pro series H3 you get it all – floor sitting, sound, and vibrations. 

X Rocker decided to go all-in with this chair by installing the 4.1 speaker system. The chair has four strategically positioned speakers that offer you a truly immersive surround sound experience. That is not all, there is also a subwoofer that ensures you enjoy the best of the lows and bass from the audio. 

The X rocker pro series H3 comes with audio force modulation technology that syncs with the audio and vibrates the chair. You can adjust the vibrations through the sound controls on the side control panel. 

For connectivity, you get easy access to the ports you need and the chair can connect wirelessly through a Bluetooth transmitter. Connection to the consoles like XBox and PS4 is not all that direct, but when done correctly it works like a charm. 

Read our full X Rocker Pro Series H3 review.

What we like
  • The chair comes with a 4.1 audio set-up that is quite immersive
  • The vibrations sync up really well with the audio
  • The chair is foldable for easy storage
  • The arms are padded for extra comfort
  • The chair offers a really unforgettable full body sensation
What we don’t like
  • Connecting to consoles is quite tricky
  • There aren’t new connection technologies like HDMI and others on this chair

X Rocker 5127401 II SE

Not everyone enjoys sitting on the floor. It can be hard to get onto the chair and exit it after use. You might also not want to bring a traditional gaming chair into your living room if you are a console gamer. So what other options are there? The X Rocker 5127401 is a pedestal gaming chair that offers great living room aesthetics while ensuring you are totally comfortable. 

The chair is not garish as gaming chairs are known to be. It has a subdued finish that is elegant and suitable for use in your living room. The black leather is hard to miss, and the chrome finish on the pedestal and arms makes the chair really stand out.

You will also be very impressed with the sound that comes out of the 2 speakers. It is quite clear and the subwoofer is positioned right where it pounds your back with bass intensifying the gaming experience. 

There isn’t much to speak to when it comes to connectivity. Want a gaming chair with speakers for PS4 or XBox one? This chair comes with a wireless Bluetooth adapter that makes connecting to these devices pretty easy and straightforward. There are also the usual jacks for connecting through cables. 

If you want you can connect the chair to your earphones, especially when you do not want to disturb others or when you need to use a microphone. Otherwise, you do not want to invest in a gaming chair with speakers and go back to the fatigue of using headphones when gaming. 

Read our full X rocker 5127401 II SE review.

  • The chair sits on a pedestal making it easy to get on and exit
  • The design is ergonomic and offers a lot of comfort and support
  • It is quite affordable
  • Set-up is easy and quick
  • The chair can be used at a desk or in the living room
  • Connectivity is not all that modern
  • The chair is suited for smaller people

X Rocker 5172801 Vibe

X Rocker 5172801 Vibe 2.1 Gaming Chair black and red finish

The X Rocker 5172801 Vibe gaming chair comes with a 2.1 surround sound system. So you get two speakers atop the headrest and a subwoofer on the back. Unlike most other X rocker chairs with speakers, this one comes with Bluetooth connectivity integrated into the chair. This makes the connection with other devices really easy and straightforward. 

Further, this is also a vibration chair. As such, it comes with the one-of-a-kind vibrational technology from X Rocker that syncs with the audio to cause the chair to vibrate. The result of this is a whole-body sensation when gaming that is just out of this world. 

The chair is really very well designed and sturdy. It sits about 7 inches off the ground which allows you to be at the right level to your TV screen. Plus, you will be seated upright and properly positioned for the best posture. 

The chair is upholstered using a mix of leather and mesh fabric placed in the right places. The mesh fabric covers the middle of the seat and the backrest all the way up to the headrest. This significantly improves the breathability of the chair, keeping you comfortable all through your gaming sessions. 

Read our full X rocker 5172801 vibe review.

What we like
  • This chair is great for a multitude of different purposes
  • The chair comes integrated with bluetooth for easy wireless connectivity
  • The chair is very supportive, ergonomic and comfortable.
  • The vibrational technology offers a full body sensation
  • Foldable for easy storage and mobility
What we don’t like
  • The chair is not sold with all the required cables for connecting to consoles which means you will have to buy cables on the side. 

X Rocker 5143601 SE

Nobody wants clutter at their gaming station. Having wires crisscrossing everywhere in the house is unsightly and increases the risk of damage to the connecting wires. The solution is having a Bluetooth-ready or capable gaming chair that can wirelessly connect to your audio devices and console. The X Rocker 5143601 SE is one such gaming chair to consider. 

The x rocker 5143601 is a floor rocker meaning you will be seated right next to the floor for good posture. Also, the chair is designed in a way that allows you to easily rock back and forth for your comfort. 

The 5143601 SE is finished in elegant black leather which easily compliments the aesthetics of any living room or gaming setup. The arms are silver-finished which adds a touch of class to the chair. Said arms can be moved up and out of your way when you do not need them. 

Design is important for comfort especially with a floor chair and the 5143601 SE wins when it comes to design. The chair is cupped but allows you to sit up and lean back without crouching. X Rocker has perfected their design for their floor gaming chairs making them more comfortable than many other floor chairs in the market. 

The X Rocker 5143601 allows connectivity with other X Rocker chairs. If you do multiplayer gaming, then this feature makes it easy to sync play between players with two or more chairs. Awesome, right?

Read our full X Rocker 5143601  SE review.

What we like
  • The 5143601 SE is beautifully finished
  • The speakers are clear and beautifully surround you with sound
  • The chair is highly affordable
  • The chair has an optional headphone jack outlet plus it comes with a wireless transmitter
  • The subwoofer in the 5143601 SE is quite powerful
What we don’t like
  • The connectivity is not the most modern
  • Not so many options for customization

Final Verdict

Having decent sound while gaming enhances your gaming experience. It makes you a better player, evokes your emotions, and gets you more engrossed in what you are doing. But, most gaming chairs with speakers are not only good during gaming. Since they are available in different designs, they are highly versatile allowing you to use them when reading, listening to music, watching TV and when relaxing. 

When choosing a gaming chair with speakers, make sure to also consider other features and factors that are important to you. For instance the upholstery, cover material, and footrest among others. 

We have chosen some of the best gaming chairs with speakers and vibrations that you can find in the market right now. We have only included chairs we have tested ourselves so we can stand behind what we say. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but one we think is definitely worth considering. 


Are floor gaming chairs good for your back?

Yes, floor chairs are better for sitting than normal lifted chairs. Anecdotal and clinical research has shown that different ways of sitting place different stresses on our bodies. Clinical research has shown that sitting on the floor promotes better posture than sitting on a conventional chair. When you sit on the floor using a floor chair you spread out your legs reducing pressure on the hips and knees which is highly recommended. 

The other benefits of floor sitting according to Healthline include increased mobility, increased flexibility, less hip tension, it encourages natural stability, and it is more active. Sitting on a floor chair gives you all of these benefits while reducing the risks associated with sitting on the floor without a chair. So investing in a floor gaming chair is a win-win for you.  

Can you connect the Bluetooth gaming chair to pS4?

Yes, you can connect Bluetooth gaming chairs to PS4. However, the connection is not all that direct in some chairs whereas it is in others. If the chair comes with in-built wireless Bluetooth technology it might be able to connect to your consoles directly. 

Some chairs have Bluetooth connectivity but this is to the Bluetooth adapter they come with. Therefore you first connect the chair to the adapter and use the adapter to connect to the PS4. As you can see this is not directly from the chair, but you get the end result of getting sound from the console to the chair. 

For other seats, the only way to connect is through cables. That is somewhat limiting especially if you do not want to have cables running everywhere in the house. 

Do gaming Chairs vibrate?

Yes and no. Only gaming chairs that have vibration technology actually vibrate. A gaming chair without this kind of technology will not vibrate even if it has speakers or a subwoofer. There are two types of gaming chairs with vibrations. Massage gaming chairs and gaming chairs with speakers. 

Massage gaming chairs have vibrations usually positioned and directed to the lower lumbar region of the back. These vibrations offer soothing massages that relieve lower back pain and ensure you are comfortable for long. Massage gaming chairs must not have audio or speakers for them to vibrate. The vibrations are a feature of their own.

Audio gaming chairs that vibrate have vibrational motors that are synced with the audio of the chair. Thus, the chair vibrates in sync with the sound being produced. This means that the chair does not always vibrate rather it vibrates only when it experiences sounds of certain levels. This really immerses you into the game since, besides sound, your body also feels the sensations of the game. 

Can you connect the Gtracing chair to PS4?

Yes, you can connect the GTracing gaming chair to PS4 consoles. The connection differs depending on the chair model or the features it comes with. Some have the ability to connect directly with the console while others require cables for connectivity. The cables might be included in the package or you might need to acquire them separately. Please note that the connectivity procedures will be included in the package when you purchase the chair making it easy for you. 

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