Vitesse Gaming Chair Review 2023

Vitesse black and red gaming chair

Seating for prolonged periods of time can have one of two effects on your body. You can either come out tired and fatigued or you can end the day perfectly fine if you invest in the right gaming chair. However, most of the gaming chairs available out there are quite expensive and might be beyond the reach of many people. But, not the Vitesse red gaming chair. 

We acquired the Vitesse red gaming chair from Amazon. Just like a regular customer would, and tested it for several months to come up with this unbiased Vitesse gaming chair review. We got the red and black version but the chair is available in many other colors including blue, black, carbon fiber black, white, teal, and purple. 

For a chair in its price range (approximately $100), the Vitesse gaming chair delivers a lot. This Vitesse gaming recliner chair review will put it all out for you. 

Vitesse gaming chair review – Features and Specifications

  • Maximum weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Cover material: PU leather
  • Seat height: 15.3” – 18.8”
  • Class 3 gas lift mechanism is quiet and efficient
  • Wide and big seat for extra comfort

Cozy Chair for the Money

What kind of comfort do you expect for a chair in this price range? Your answer would most probably be “not so much.” But the Vitesse red gaming chair offers much more than you would expect. 

The chair comes with a sturdy metal frame made of high-quality steel that offers good support. The recommended weight capacity for this chair is 300lbs. Which is in line with most other gaming chairs in the market. Your relaxation on the seat is further enhanced by the high-density shaping foam, the lumbar pillow, and the headrest pillow. 

The padding that stretches from the top of the headrest to the seating area is also made with high-density shaping foam. This is not the same quality as the cold cure memory foam you will find in the premium chairs that cost more but it will serve you well. The padding is contoured strategically and conforms to your spine offering comfort and support as you lean back on the chair

Ergonomics and Design

It takes no more than a passing look to recognize the usual racing-style design of this gaming chair. There is nothing peculiar or anything that stands out about the design, it is just as you would expect. 

However, at first glance, the chair looks more expensive than the price tag. The carbon fiber black and all-black colors have a particular elegance that makes these chairs look particularly expensive. They are also great for any home interior, for office use where you want a subtle color or design to go with the rest of the furniture.  However, the bi-colored red/black we choose is typical of other gaming chairs in the market. 

High-quality Build Material

The Vitesse gaming recliner chair is covered with PU leather. The leather used here is of satisfactory quality and ability to maintain body temperatures for long. However, we tested this chair in an office setting with controlled temperatures. So if yours is not, the chair might get warm. 

The PU leather cover looks elegant and feels more like real leather to the touch. However, expect the chair to make some noise when you sit on it and when you are turning. But, we did not find this to be a real turn-off for us. After all, we are being frugal here. 

Also, PU leather material is easy to maintain and very durable. It makes it extremely easy for you to care for your seat.

Adjustability and ergonomics

One of the most impressive features of the Vitesse gaming office chair is the 90-180 degrees backrest recline angle with lock. This is one of the largest incline angels we have seen on a gaming chair even compared to some expensive gaming chairs like Hero gaming chair or the SecretLab Omega gaming chairs that only recline to 165 degrees. 

I really enjoyed the full recline when taking a nap. Further, the multi-angle adjustment with a lock made it easy for me to game when leaning back, and wanted to just kick back and relax. 

The chair is height adjustable which allows you to get in line with your monitor with ease. To facilitate the height adjustment is a class 3 gas lift system that is smooth and durable. The gas lift system is also safe and easy to install when assembling the chair. 

The armrests on this chair are not impressive. They are totally fixed which can be problematic. This is when you want to adjust the armrests for your elbows to rest on. Similarly priced chairs like the OFM Essentials 3085 gaming chair allow for height adjustment of the armrests. 

The GTRacing Ace S1 series gaming chair which costs slightly more allows for 4D armrest functionality which is really impressive. We therefore did not understand why this Vitesse gaming chair had to come with fixed armrests. 

  • Cover material is durable and easy to clean
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Comes with headrest and lumbar pillows
  • Highly affordable gaming chair
  • Backrest recline is impressive
  • Armrests are not adjustable
  • The chair can be quite narrow for big users

Final Verdict – Vitesse gaming chair review

The Vitesse red gaming chair is a really impressive gaming chair for the price. It comes with essential amenities that ensure your comfort. However, we recommend this chair for beginner gamers who do not spend a lot of time gaming. 

The ergonomic features and adjustability suffer because of the ambitious design and pricing, except for the reclining functionality that works really well. 

There are other chairs in the price range that offer more features and better comfort. And for supreme comfort and customized comfort for your body, there are other more expensive chairs to choose from. 

We have done our best to bring you an unbiased review of this highly affordable Vitesse gaming chair. We highlighted all the strong aspects and bad aspects of the chair. This Vitesse gaming chair review is what you need to help you make a decision on a cheap gaming chair that can serve you as you want.