X Rocker Surge Review 2023: Up Your Game!


Gamers that spend hours in a seated position appreciate what a good gaming chair can do to alleviate back and neck pain. While also reducing fatigue. The X Rocker 5172601 surge gaming chair offers exceptional support and comfort even when you work long hours every day. 

But that is not all that the chair offers. Because it comes with capable stereo speakers that totally immerse you into your gaming. You can use the x rocker surge to listen to music, relax, and watch videos. 

The x rocker 5172601 surge gaming chair is a floor gaming chair. That means it doesn’t sit on a pedestal or five-point base. The chair is placed directly on the floor. This gives you the freedom to get as close to your screen as possible. And also use the chair in different places for different activities. 

If you are ready to enjoy this kind of relaxing and comfy experience (and some more), then this X Rocker 5172601 surge review is for you. 

Features and specifications

  • 2.1 wireless speakers
  • Material: bonded faux leather
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Dimensions: 38.61 x 32.28 x 20.89 inches. 
  • Rocker floor chair
  • Immersive speakers and a powerful subwoofer
  • Audio force modulation technology for vibrations
  • Easy to connect with console devices and other x rocker chair
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Recommended maximum weight: 275 lbs


The X Rocker Surge gaming chair is a comfortable floor chair. Before acquiring this chair you must be fun of sitting on the floor when watching movies or even relaxing. If that is you, now imagine having a generously padded chair to sit and lean back on while down at the floor level?

The x rocker surge provides decent lumbar support through the scientifically designed frame and segmented padding. The shape of the chair easily conforms to your body shape aligning your spine through your entire back. 

At the top of the padded backrest, your head gets the much-needed rest on the comfortable headrest taking pressure off your shoulders. 

At the bottom. The chair is curved like a rocking chair allowing you to rock back and forth when you are relaxing. Just don’t rock too strongly or you will topple over on the back. 

Adjustability and ergonomics

Just like with the X Rocker Pro H3 gaming chair, the X Rocker Surge lacks adjustability features. However, the chair is made in the same ergonomic design that offers great back and neck support. 

The shape of the base allows you to rock the chair back and forth. Further, it offers exceptional support when you lean back on the generously padded backrest.

Yes, the chair lacks in terms of adjustability when compared with desk or office gaming chairs. But, this is not a desk chair. It is a floor chair and therefore should be judged as one. 

Personally, I found the chair it be quite comfortable even after sitting on it for several hours.  For the time I used it I never felt the need to adjust anything. Leaning back on the backrest provided all the relief and comfort I needed. 

2.1 Wireless Audio With Vibrations

This X Rocker 5172602 surge review would not be complete without talking about the speaker system on the chair because this is an audio gaming chair. As such, if you are buying it for the audio experience, then you need to know what you are getting. But, not to fret. 

We tested the audio system on the X rocker surge 2.1 gaming chair. It has two front-facing speakers that produce decent and clear sounds. The 4″ subwoofer is also very impressive. If you love feeling your low bass then you will enjoy the subwoofer on this gaming chair. 

The subwoofer is installed at the back of the gaming chair and has an open ported power which provides a Boombastic feel. That is not all, you can immensely enjoy the bass and the sounds from the game or movie thanks to the audio force modulation technology. Gaming on this chair is immersive and realistic. 

The speakers are wireless and connect through Bluetooth technology and jacks. This means, therefore, that you can connect easily with all types of gaming consoles and systems, your TV, DVD, headphones, and other devices. Nothing has been left to chance when it comes to connectivity. The only problem we found when it comes to connection to power is a short power cord which required us to use an extension cord more in most situations.

The volume of the sounds and the bass can be adjusted easily using knobs on the side control panel of the chair. 

X Rocker Surge Value

I believe the l X rocker surge wireless Bluetooth 2.1 sound gaming chair provides good value for money and especially at its price range. The chair has a decent sound system with AFM technology that really brings the sounds home. 

The seat and backrest are comfortable and plush while the chair is designed with your comfort and ergonomics in mind. If you want a floor chair that is comfortable and with decent sound then this is the chair for you.

  • Dual speaker system with subwoofer for an immersive gaming experience
  • Vibration of the chair is adjustable through the control panel
  • Doesn’t require any set up
  • Quite affordable
  • Sound quality is good
  • The chair is a bit heavy therefore not easy to move around

X Rocker Surge Review – Final Verdict

The X Rocker 5172601 surge gaming chair is unlike your usual racing-style gaming chair with a base. However, that doesn’t mean that it is impractical or uncomfortable. On the contrary, the chair is quite comfortable for console gaming and movie sessions at home. 

What’s more, if you have kids at home that love to game or watch movies, they will totally love this chair and especially due to the fact that it has sound, vibrations and sits on the floor right within their reach. 

We loved this chair and would recommend it for console gaming. Two or more of these chairs in your TV room and you have a theater you can be proud of. For a typical racing-style audio gaming chair in a similar price range, consider the GT890M from GTracing.

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