X Rocker Pro Series H3 Gaming Chair: Best in Sound and Comfort

X rocker pro series h3

For most people, the words “gaming chair” immediately conjure up the common racing style gaming and office chairs most people use. However, you could be looking for something different, especially if you like being entirely immersed in your gaming sessions. The X Rocker pro series H3 is a floor gaming chair with audio that immerses you in the game. 

Unlike typical gaming chairs with a raised seat and adjustable height that allow you to work at a desk, the X Rocker pro series H3 sits on the floor. As such, you can bring it as close to your screen as possible for a great console gaming session. 

That is not all; the X Rocker Pro H3 is an audio gaming chair; if you love sounds and music while gaming, this gaming chair is for you. 

But, just like with any other product out there, there isn’t that one gaming chair that is perfect. We bought the X Rocker Pro H3 4.1 wireless audio gaming chair to bring you this unbiased x rocker h3 review. Let’s jump right into it.

Features and Specifications

Wireless 4.1 wireless speaker system with subwoofer
Cover Material: Faux leather
CompatibleAll gaming systems
Can connect with other Xrocker chairs in multi-game modeYes
Suitable For:Kids and adults alike
Dimensions29.13 x 22.05 x 20.87 inches
Recommended weight capacity275 pounds


The X Rocker sits on the floor or any other solid surface without a base or pedestal. That means it is too low to use in front of a desk. If you have never used a chair like this one before, you must be having questions about whether it is comfortable or not. It was the first one for me, and I loved the experience.

At first glance, the x rocker pro series h3 is comfortable to sit on. It is thickly padded and looks like a thick car seat or couch. Most gamers hate chairs that deform and the cushion seat that turns into a pancake. From what I saw with the h3 from XRocker, that will not be a problem. The padding on the seat and backrest is thick and comfy. 

The only problem with the chair is that it can be challenging to get in and out. This is because it lies on the floor. However, it is undoubtedly very comfortable once you sit on it, even if you have had back pains. 

Adjustability and ergonomics

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Gaming Chair foldable

Most people who sit for long periods need a chair that offers several adjustability options. This is because adjustability features give you freedom and allow you to get a perfect sitting position for different activities and your needs. 

The x rocker pro h3 gaming chair doesn’t have a lot of adjustability options. However, the frame of the chair is made with ergonomics in mind. The lumbar region is designed to ensure you are in the proper posture even when leaning back on the backrest. 

The base of the chair is also specially designed to ensure your legs are comfortable, whether stretched out or not. The seat cushion is easy on your hips and thighs, ensuring blood flow is not hampered. 

The gun-like armrests are not adjustable, and neither is the backrest. The headrest is fixed and cannot be removed or adjusted like other racing-style gaming chairs.  However, the chair is foldable for easy storage.

Immersive surround sound

I was skeptical of the sound system in the x rocker 51259 pro h3. However, I was surprised by how decent the speakers sounded. X Rocker outdid themselves by installing four speakers and a subwoofer at the back of the chair. 

The 4.1 wireless audio system is superior to what we have reviewed in other gaming chairs with audio which usually only have two speakers. For instance, the GTracing GT890MF and X Rocker SE 2.1 gaming chairs. 

But that is not all that this chair provides. The chair comes with audio force modulation. This technology synchronizes the bass with the audio in the games and music, so you feel vibrations on the chair.

I enjoyed explosions and gunshots when playing action games on the chair. Do not worry; the vibrations are pretty subtle, making it enjoyable to use the seat. Imagine gaming on a chair that allows you to be closer to the screen and offers surround sound and vibrations. How immersive is that? 

Bluetooth functionality and sound control are on the side panel. You can control the volume and bass and even connect the chair to your devices through jacks. 

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Gaming Chair

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 Value

Is the Xrocker pro h3 value for money? If you want a floor gaming chair that offers more than just sitting on the floor, it is. The chair is sold as an audio gaming chair because of the integration of speakers that provide surround sound and vibrations. 

And, in that regard, this gaming chair wins. If you are looking for a chair that will immerse you into your gaming with sounds and vibrations, the X Rocker H3 gaming chair offers good value for your money. However, if you are looking for the versatility of typical racing-style gaming chairs, this is not the chair for you. 

  • No assembly required
  • Thickly padded and plush for comfort
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Features sound and vibrational motors for a full body sensation
  • The chair sits on the floor

X Rocker Pro Series H3 – Final Verdict

The x rocker pro series h3 4.1 wireless audio gaming chair is not your typical chair with a base. If you are looking for a chair to use in front of your TV while gaming or one that will serve your entire family, then this is it. If you know already that the chair sits on the floor and adjustability is minimal, you will not find anything much not to like about the chair.

It is comfortable and plush. The x rocker h3 is foldable for easy storage and made with ergonomics in mind. Is a floor chair with sound and vibration something you would consider? Definitely it is worth it for gamers that want an immersive gaming experience.